Grown up daughter of Oleg Gazmanov is prepared to fend off suitors

Повзрослевшая дочь Олега Газманова готовится отбиваться от женихов Marianne was thirteen years old. The successor of the famous artist accepts congratulations from friends and relatives who wish her all the best. Fans of Oleg Gazmanov notice that Marianne is growing into a real beauty.

      December 16, daughter of Oleg Gazmanov Marianne was thirteen years old. Since early morning she began to congratulate relatives and friends. They published a touching post about the charming heiress of the artist. Environment Marianne noted that the time flies very quickly, and it grows real beauty.

      “It’s time for dad to buy a shotgun and watch the suitors!” – stated the girl’s brother Rodion.

      Happy father Marianne shared in social networks touching video, which went archival photographs of the birthday girl. Watching the video, you can see how varied the daughter of Oleg Gazmanov for several years. “Happy birthday, ginger!” – wrote a famous actor.

      Fans of Oleg Gazmanov congratulated his successor on the holiday and found that it looks amazing. “No beauty”, “Health, happiness, fulfillment of dreams and clear days”, “Copy daddy”, “So very pretty”, “Sun”, “All the light in my life”, “all grown up already”, “there are Many hearts will be broken,” was discussed by users of social networks

      Very touching congratulations Marianne left her mother Marina gazmanova. The woman wished her daughter all the best.

      “My greatest love… Accept my sincere congratulations on your birthday! I think a lot of why the more I love you, the more you lack. Eventually I figured it out. You and I have both have love in the zone of low energy. We are eager to get it in unlimited quantities, but not saturated to the end. Because to love and to give her – a big difference. I wish you, my treasure, to know that feeling and give love to the world, life, people, knowledge, sun, flower…. This craving for love will help you in all your endeavors, desires, dreams! Learn to love unselfishly, passionately, strongly,” shared the wife of a famous artist in social networks.

      The woman also told an interesting tradition in the house Gusmanovich. According to Marina, each year, the family decorates the Christmas tree the birthday of Marianne. The successor of the famous singer is looking forward to her holiday, to plunge in the Christmas story. “Beloved ginger happy! I’m happy that my work is justified. Waiting for greetings from his dad, he’s on tour,” he wrote later, the chosen star.