Повзрослевшие «Папины дочки» встретились на съемках
Soap Opera stars will appear in new year’s eve on TV.

Photo: Instagram

The stars of the series “father’s daughter” Elizabeth Arzamasova and Ekaterina Starshova, who performed the role of younger sisters Vasnetsov, met for the first time in a long time on one event.. Judging by the fact that they are posing in the company of one of the stars of STS — young actors Alexey Lukin and Seeds Treskunov from the TV series “Ivanov-Ivanov”, we can assume that they are having fun on the set of new year show channel. So their fans will surely be able to see favorite characters in the night from 31 December to 1 January.

Lisa Arzamasova quite often appears on TV in various projects. She also plays in the movie, regularly gives interviews and is actively involved in charitable activities with other stars of the screen.

But Katya Starshova, aka buttons, is a rare guest on TV. The girl recently turned for 16 years (she first appeared in the series “father’s daughter” when she was 7). In the past year she skoncila 9th grade, and is now heavily engaged and plans to graduate from school as external students. In 2018, the year of her coming entrance test in one of the best medical universities of the capital. Besides teaching in her life there is another passion — dancing on ice. She does them in 5 years. And now often speaks at events city-wide and also goes on tour with the ice theatre.