Grown-up children of Maria Maksakova made a splash on the scene

Повзрослевшие дети Марии Максаковой произвели фурор на сцене Charming Illya and Ludmilla made in Yalta. Group support novice artists became their friends and relatives who met guys with thunderous applause. The next day, the eldest son of the Opera star celebrated birthday in a narrow circle.
Повзрослевшие дети Марии Максаковой произвели фурор на сцене

On Saturday the older children Opera diva Maria Maksakova – Ilya and Lyudmila – made in Yalta. Budding musicians took the stage in the children’s edition of the project “Music for gourmets”, called “the Little concert”.

In addition to the famous family that night, his talents impressed and other promising young artists – Elizabeth Kachurak, Elizabeth Kolicina, Daniel Gulevich, Yaroslav Kuznetsov, and Mikhail Popov.

Повзрослевшие дети Марии Максаковой произвели фурор на сцене

That evening the children of Maria Maksakova presented to the public a few timeless works that have become classics. So, Ilya was fascinated by attending a performance of the March from the Opera by Sergei Prokofiev “the Love for three oranges” and his sister Lyudmila was surprised by their masterly skills to play the harp. In addition, a charming girl read aloud a poem by Boris Pasternak “In everything I want to get to the bottom”, and her brother chose another piece of classic called “Music”. Relatives, among whom was the grandmother Lyudmila Maksakova and Vladimir Tyurin, supported Ilya and Lyudmila thunderous applause.

The highlight of the concert was the presentation of birthday cake. Young artists and their parents were happy to try the treat and accepted congratulations from the guests and host of the evening Alexander Klochkov.

Повзрослевшие дети Марии Максаковой произвели фурор на сцене

The next day Ilya Maksakov celebrated her birthday with family and friends. The teenager was thirteen years old. On this occasion, his family members decided to organize an unforgettable trip – they covered chic table on the yacht. Guests of the celebration enjoyed the beautiful Sunny weather and gorgeous views, opening from the deck of the ship.

“Birthday Elijah, we celebrated on the boat friends in the Black sea! Was attended by only the closest. It was fun!” – said “StarHit” aunt Ilya Catherine Dobrynin.
Повзрослевшие дети Марии Максаковой произвели фурор на сцене

Recall that the older children, the famous Opera diva, which on Monday celebrated the anniversary of living together with her former civil husband Vladimir Tyurin. According to Stanislav Sadalsky, a good friend of Lyudmila Maksakova, who is a very good father and is doing everything to Ilya and Lyudmila in no way needed.

Despite his young age, the heirs of the singer is already taking the first steps in the field of music. So, last year the daughter of Maria Maksakova can be seen in the program of the First channel “the best!”. According to many viewers, the girl masterfully plays the harp.