Growing and caring for dahlias

Выращивание и уход за георгинами

If your garden is towards the end of the season looks dim, and the neighbor rampaging flower beds of bright flowers, he is likely to grow dahlias.

Dahlias bloom from mid summer until the first frost. Dahlias can be stunted or to grow above the meter. The flower can reach a diameter size of dinner plates. Dahlias are easy to grow, it needs to follow a few simple rules. It should be noted that dahlias look great not only in the garden but in the vase.

Выращивание и уход за георгинами

Tips for growing and caring for dahlias

Most often planted Dahlia tubers. Do it best in spring. If you want your flowerbeds bloomed constantly, pick varieties of hydrangea that can replace each other during the season.

Выращивание и уход за георгинами

When planting tubers pay attention to the temperature of the soil. To Dahlia felt good, the soil should be sufficiently warmed up. Dahlias should be planted about the same time with a change in the open ground tomatoes.

Выращивание и уход за георгинами

Dahlias should be planted in rich soil with good drainage. Do not water your dahlias until over the surface of the soil will not appear the first shoots. In case of excessive watering, the tubers can rot.

Выращивание и уход за георгинами

If you chose tall dahlias, as well as varieties with large flowers, near each plant, it is desirable to stick a rod to which you tie the stem to stabilize. For these purposes you can use trellis.

Выращивание и уход за георгинами

Apply fertilizer every two weeks. It is important to use fertilizers with low nitrogen content. Nitrogen fertilizers promote rapid plant growth at the expense of flowering.

Provide adequate watering, but try not to water the dahlias late in the evening, this advice is particularly relevant in the period late autumn. If you do not follow this recommendation, the plant may form mildew is a nasty fungus disease. If powdery mildew appears on other plants in your yard, in the middle of July it is possible to perform prophylactic treatment with special antifungal medications.

When plant height reaches about 20 cm, cut the tip of the stem above the third group of leaves. Due to this, the plant will be more lush.

To encourage further flowering, do not forget to trim the dried and withered flowers at least once a week.

In warm climates, dahlias can be used as perennial plants, but usually they are planted every year.

If you want to use the same tubers next spring, they need to dig in the fall before the first frost. Cut the stems to a height of 15 cm, carefully dig the tubers. Let them dry for several days. To store the tubers is desirable in sawdust or vermiculite in areas that do not freeze, such as in the garage.

If you want to cut a few dahlias for a bouquet, this is best done early in the morning.

Tip: make hydrangea flowers no longer wither, the stems after cutting must be immersed in very hot water for 5-8 see If the flowers stand in hot water for about an hour, they will please you at least a week.

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