Группа «Винтаж» ищет новых солистов
Announced a national casting “Vintage: version 2.0”.

Anna Pletneva

Photo: Mikhail Klyuyev

Anna Pletneva, a week ago announced that he is leaving
group “Vintage”, posted in social networks the information about the holding
Russian casting Vintage: version 2.0″.

Selection of new members of the group will be held in the mode
online on the official website of the group “Vintage” in the social network Vkontakte. Wishing
try your hand in the competition must send photos and videos from
demonstration of their dance and vocal abilities. Every three days will call the names of those who
has a chance to take the place of the soloists of the group.

The final stage will be an unprecedented event in
Russian show business — Live in VK
will take place online broadcast of the final casting, which will be attended by 15
finalists will be announced the new composition of the group “Vintage”.

We Will Remind, Anna Pletneva
decided to start with a clean slate. As it turned out, the singer leaves
became for her home group “Vintage”. Anna intends in the near future
to pursue a solo career. “I woke up one day and realized that you need something
to change in your life. I was a soloist with the group for almost seven years, and now I
looking for new experiences and a new period in life. Very soon we with producer
Alexei Romanov will present new soloists team!” — said Pletnev.

Among other things, radically change the usual way of Anna
intends, however, some change is expected. While the producers choose
new singers of the popular group, Pletnev will continue performances in the composition
group. No scandal, according to the singer, her care is not necessary. For
you work in a musical group formed friendships.

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