Group “Umaturman” presented a new clip

Группа «Уматурман» представила новый клип

Group “Umaturman” has introduced a new romantic music video for their new song “the Beast”. Video was very touching, and some scenes were even filmed on a VHS camcorder.

Группа «Уматурман» представила новый клип

Группа «Уматурман» представила новый клип

In the story the main character, exhausted from the summer heat of the city, meets a girl with whom once he had feelings. He still remembers all moments of their life together and all that romance that was once between them. In the atmosphere touching memories and is, in fact, the whole point of the clip.

The video was shot on the deck of the ship “Brusov”, and also in the Park “Muzeon”. Near the Krestovskaya brothers appeared in the video and stylist Kate Inberg, and it was directed by Igor Shmelev.

Fans have already appreciated how the song and the clip. Your turn.

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