Group “the City 312” is preparing fans a few surprises

Группа «Город 312» готовит поклонникам несколько сюрпризов
The musicians spoke about the upcoming solo concert.

Group “The City 312”

Photo: Marina Tereshina

Group “the City 312” has prepared for their fans a Grand
surprise. On October 28 in club YotaSpaceв 20.00 they will host a jubilee
concert dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the band.

“We decided to do first
the concert, based on some concept — shared with 7days.Giolitti
group Traveler. We implemented the show in two directions with one
the abbreviation CCX. In the first case, it stands for Man
to be cool, and the second as black, white and red. This also applies to color
the decisions of our concert. In addition, black and white color contrasts.
This is important because we wanted to emphasize how members of our
team different in character and creativity. But nevertheless, 15 years, we
together, and us, of course something in common. And if we talk about colors,
it symbolizes our Union red. Red thread we are connected
with each other. Thread obsession and inability to live without
music, the thread of love to life.”

Interestingly, in black and white and red colors will be designed not only
scene (lighting and graphics) and the costumes and even the audience. The thing
the fact that the audience was asked to follow the same color dress code.

Waiting for the audience and other surprises: unexpected duets and new songs. In
as guests of the “citizens” invited Vladimir Presnyakov, Basta, Gosha Kutsenko and Vladimir Kristovsky.

“We with Vladimir Presnyakov will perform a song together, which is
the film’s soundtrack, which will be released soon, — says the soloist of the Traveler. —
Basta we’ll sing on his music, and we sing the premiere
the song, along with Vladimir kristovski. It will be a double premiere:
the song and the Duo. We sing along with our good friend gosh
Kutsenko. And it will also be the premiere of the song. So surprises for the audience
cooked a lot.”