Group Serebro spent Shrove Tuesday

Группа Serebro проводила Масленицу
The singer tried on the images of sexy female students.

Группа Serebro проводила Масленицу

group “Silver”

Photo: Press service

Forgiveness Sunday on the ice
stage the largest skating rink in Europe at ENEA held a Grand concert
Muz-TV. Thus, the music channel said the end of the winter season.

Group Serebro, the soloist of which took part in the show, struck
fans choosing to speak interesting images. The singer wore costumes sexy College girls: red
leather mini skirt, puffy vests, white shirts and glasses with no lenses — this
sexy trio have not seen.

Anna Shulgina, who performed a few songs came on
the rink together with his younger brother Artemije. However, the virtuoso pianist in
this day is not performed, and has agreed to be chauffeur and a Director of the sisters. “Today
it was very fun, despite the frost, — has shared Anna. — Bro has become
Director for a day, brought me early. A responsible boy!”

Also on this day was made by MBAND, Vintage, Pizza, A-Dessa,
Denis Klyaver, Vlad Sokolovsky, Dominik Joker, Dima Koldun and many others. Seeing
winter ended with bright fireworks, hit as show participants and spectators who came to ENEA.

Группа Serebro проводила Масленицу

Anna and Artem Shulgin

Photo: Instagram

Denis Klyaver

Photo: Press service