Group “Ranetki” triumphant return to the stage

Группа «Ранетки» триумфально возвращается на сцену Anna Rudneva Natalia, Melnichenko introduced a new song recorded in a recognizable to fans of the team style. Fans of the artists appreciated their work together. Fans of the girls believe that they will be reunited.

27-year-old Anna Rudnev, who once was a soloist of the popular group “Ranetki”, returned to the stage together with Natalia, Melnichenko. Artist presented to the fans new song called “We lost time”. Girls presented a lyric video lasting a little over three minutes. In a short time the video has received several thousand views on YouTube.

The new song of girls presented by them in the framework of the project “Ranetki” are the following lines:

Everything is already decided, and like all the same.
Following on the heels, can read lips.
We lost time, it is not so.
I didn’t know that I’m not the enemy, not build barricades.
How so, how so?

Fans were delighted with the new track of the popular group. In their opinion, the song is very soulful, in a recognizable style of “Ranetok.” Fans also expressed the hope that Natalia and Anna will continue their joint creative activity. “What is nostalgia gone”, “Cheers”, “This is excellent”, “Thank you for you! At the time I lived your music, still know the lyrics by heart. Success to you, girls, you gave me an unforgettable childhood”, “Super”, “Cool”, “can’t believe it! Don’t even hope”, “How nice,” commented the Network.

Speaking about the song “We lost time,” Rudnev admitted that worries about her future. According to Anna, she has managed to wean itself from musical activities.

“The first song after the comeback. A little worryingly, I’ve already forgotten what it’s like. Really looking forward to your feedback,” wrote the actress in the microblog.

Earlier, ex-soloist of the popular group triumphantly announced his return. Anna and Natalia has recorded a video message in which he shared future plans.

“Hello! We Ranetki, more precisely, its small part — 40%. We recently met and decided that we have something to say. We want to finish what was once started, and maybe to continue. As it will turn out. We hope that our gang members join us. Very soon we will release a new song. We are very happy if you support us,” said the girl.