Group “on-On” almost sank a half-naked model

Группа «На-На» едва не утопила полуголую модель The musicians are preparing to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Bari Alibasov. Artists carefully plan his speech on his birthday. Besides, participants of group “on-On” working on a new clip. During the filming of the video for the song with one of the models had an accident.

      Группа «На-На» едва не утопила полуголую модель

      Bari Alibasov going in a big way to celebrate a birthday. He already plans a jubilee concert at which the musicians of the group “on-On”, at the request of the star should look perfect. However, musicians and plenty of other concerns: they are working on a new clip, the name of which is kept secret. One of the episodes of the movie were filmed in the pool. To participate in the filming took a model that had some time to spend under water. However, after a few minutes the girl began to gasp and men rushed to save her.

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      Vladimir Politov, V. Zherebkin, Leonid Semidano and Mikhail Igonin were at this time on the set, therefore, witnessed the incident. Wasting no time, they jumped into the pool and pulled the girl out of the water. Fortunately the artists, the girl quickly recovered from the incident. Worker pool Zinaida Smirnova, accidentally saw the incident were greatly outraged.

      “There’s all happened nepoymi that! They came quietly, briefed, we initially even did not pay attention. Swim and swim. A couple of times rehearsed the song about “Zinaida”, nothing boded trouble! Then it began… appeared Alibasov and let’s raise hell! The photographer came from somewhere, a lot of people. Drove the poor girl something to jump, breathe, don’t breathe, hold still, don’t freeze!” – said Smirnov.

      According to the woman, the mannequin was greatly troubled during the recording of the clip, as the artists needed to constantly touch the girl. She says Zinaida, was in a state of tension and stress, so eventually did not survive. The witness of the incident claims that the model until recently did not want to Express dissatisfaction, trying to please the crew.

      “What is there to sing if she’s drowning in her own water? With four men all the time touching her all over the place. But she tolerates them and giggles, poor thing! It was evident that embarrassed by such attention, but tries to please them all. I would have them slapping slapped all four! Especially these two, Mike and Lena. I thought they will fight for it. Of course, the girl at some point, just tired to fight and almost drowned!” – said Smirnov.

      Группа «На-На» едва не утопила полуголую модель

      The participant of group “on-On” Mikhail Igonin, in this case, expressed the opinion that anything critical did not happen. The man noted that the musicians responded quite quickly and immediately pulled the model out of the water. “The fact that our model loses consciousness in the water noticed Slava Zherebkin, he shouted to the guys. Beside her in this moment was Vladimir Politov and Leon of Semidano, they fished her out, I’m already on the edge saw her. Pulled out, artificial respiration wanted to do, but she refused. Reason, among others, could we?” – said “StarHit” Igonin.

      Most of the audience were upset that in trying to help the unfortunate girl who accidentally dropped into the pool a large sum of money. Among the sunken funds was the fee model and fotografa. In recognition of the musician, group “on-On” had to save not only a model, but put in the water bills.

      “Had to catch and dry not only the model but also its fees. Plus the fee of the photographer and the personal money of Bari. But he was upset by the way the least. In anticipation of the anniversary, the archive is now a lot of pictures on the theme of “Group “on-On” awash in cash”. So, he has a good day!” – told “StarHit” the soloist of group Mikhail Igonin.