Группа «Мираж» возвращается на сцену без Маргариты Суханкиной

Fans of the popular in the 80s-early 90s group “Mirage” faint from happiness: from 1 September the team returned to the stage in “gold” composition. The publisher of “Jam”, which became the owner of the rights to public performance of works, managed to gain exclusive rights, and to put an end to years of internal disputes. The team has finished Margarita Suhankina and decided to revive the group in which it was made in the 80s-early 90s.

Now the group “Mirage” included: Catherine Boldysheva (vocals), Alex Gorbachev (guitar), Andrey Grishin (percussion), Sergey Krylov (keyboards). September 16 kicks off a big tour, “Mirage — 30 years. Back together.
Publishing house “Jam” wanted to offer Margaret Suhankina to sign a contract and continue to perform as vocalist, but her concert Director and producer was against it. As it turned out, earlier the singer, you do not have permission to use the works, and if it will continue to do so in the future, you can get in trouble with the law.