Группа «Марсель» рискнула жизнью ради кита на Камчатке Artists had to swim in cold water. The group “Marseille” went to Kamchatka in order to make a new video and to realize the dream of one of the soloists. Mitya Blinov has long dreamed of seeing the marine animals.

Fans of the band “Marseille” came to the delight of their new song “whale”. They are happy to listen back to single, and leave rave reviews after watching the clip. It is also noteworthy that this song is the first author’s work is one of the soloists of the musical group Mitya Blinov. In this composition is not only excellent saxophone, which became one of the hallmarks of the staff but also the voice of the artist. As recognized leader of the band “Marseille” Stepan Ledkov, this song and clip is fully consistent with the vision of the group – they have meaning, and worked on the music all the band members.

Interestingly, for the clip the band members had to go to Kamchatka. To see the whales is a long – standing dream of Mitya. He not only took amazing videos, passing all the beauty and power of nature in our country, but realized the goal: during the boat trips, the crew met at sea, these whales and orcas. On the wave of positive emotions a musician can easily overcome the necessary for the realization of the idea test: performed on the saxophone batch of songs on the edge of the cliff with a height of about 200 meters and swam in the icy water, the temperature of which does not exceed 6 degrees.

Stepan praised the work of the other. He admitted that he was impressed with the clip, worked the whole team.

“Poetry is very sensual and honest that really stay with you. I first said Mitya, it is cool and encouraged him to work on the song, was at the forefront of arrangements. And the new video is an incredible story, a short film, which is the aftertaste and the desire to reconsider it one more time”, – shared his impressions of the musician.