Группа «Ленинград» осталась без солистки Alisa VOX launches solo project. The artist thanked his colleagues for the experience. Fans wished her success in her endeavor.

      Группа «Ленинград» осталась без солистки

      Popular group “Leningrad” was established in 1997. But in the 2000s, underground music band has received wide acclaim. But 11 years after the start of joint work, it was decided to terminate the existence of the group. But two years later the band reunited. For many listeners, the band fell in love for the originality of execution, bold and sometimes provocative lyrics. Despite the fact that “Leningrad” is quite a lot of participants, fans know all the musicians and follow their lives and careers. In 2010 the band was joined by vocalist Alice Vaux. Bright girl was able to bring to the team specific style. Now she said that will no longer sing “Leningrad”. By its decision, she shared with fans in the microblog.

      “Friends! I decided to leave the band “Leningrad”, and start your solo project! I’m very glad that I can share with you all this new stage in my life, – said Alice. – Work with Sergei Shnurov gave me a huge experience in stage life, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to develop and improve. Also, I thank all the musicians and people close to the group that were with me and supported me the last three and a half years. Wish me luck on this new way, and soon catch you again!”

      I must say that members were extremely sad about this news. They expressed the desire to continue to observe the artist in the framework of the St. Petersburg group. But some followers are genuinely happy for the girl and wished her every success in his new career.

      “Good Luck, Alice! Decorate the world, you awesome girl!”, “What? Why solo you can just do that, why bother? It’s a shame. But still I wish you success,” “Alice, did you do the “Leningrad” tastier! But you the best of luck!” – wrote kind words subscribers in the comments.

      Recall that now the “Leningrad” is one of the most popular bands on the Russian stage. Their recent music video “Exhibit” has collected several million views in just a few days.

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