Group Hi-Fi reunited ten years later

Группа Hi-Fi воссоединилась спустя десять лет Mitya Fomin, Timofey Pronkin and Ksenia Oleshko came on the scene “Olympic”. Sergei Zhukov invited them to perform as guests during the concert of the “Hands up!”. For fans of the team, it was a great surprise.
Группа Hi-Fi воссоединилась спустя десять лет

This weekend Sergey Zhukov and group “Hands up!” twice gathered “Olympic”. The total wave of nostalgia for the 90s and early 2000s, in addition to the main participants of the event spectators were entertained by “dirty rotten scoundrels”, Eva Polna, and for the first time in 10 years emerged on the scene along the Golden part of the Hi-Fi. This year on 2 August, the band will celebrate the 20th anniversary. Mitya Fomin, a sweet girl Ksenia and “Jock” Timothy colorful trio aroused the interest of any representative of the young people.

To see again together on stage three spectacular all these years, dreamed hundreds of thousands of fans. The fans are happy watching how life has changed musicians for the last 20 years and are interested in what happens to them now.


Mitya Fomin

Группа Hi-Fi воссоединилась спустя десять лет

In 1998, the film received a diploma of the Novosibirsk medical Institute, came to Moscow and entered VGIK. It was at this point he was approached by producers of the group with an offer to join the team. In 2009 left the band to pursue a solo career for 10 years, where has released four Studio albums, three won the award “Golden gramophone” and many other music awards. Last year Mitya premiere of the play in which he appeared as an actor.

Mitya, you’re repeatedly in recent years, said that he would like this Association…

Yes! I really wanted that to happen, and the main reason we have missed you! And when even this was done not in the year of the 20th anniversary of the band? I’m always with a warm and grateful attitude to Hi-Fi, yesterday we went to Golden for the first time in 10 years, so what? And the hall was ecstatic! People are missing.

Have you got any experience?

Special. This day I will remember probably forever. I sang the song yesterday, which intermarried very long time, but 10 years ago, for me their time is over. Songs that I personally love. That was awesome! And guys – Xenia, Timothy, the new singer of Marina and the “Olympic”! I want to say again thank you Sergei Zhukov, who for their fans prepared a musical gift. They appreciated that we’ve all seen it. Our audience is someone who knows the “Hands up!”, Hi-Fi “Scam” and “Guests” – he is especially grateful. And it’s very cool to please him!

Группа Hi-Fi воссоединилась спустя десять лет

Remember first impressions from the meeting with the band members – Mary and Timothy?

When I first saw Pronkina and Oleshko, I thought that never the three of us popular music group will not. We are very different, we have absolutely nothing in common. “It will be a fiasco,” I thought.

Your favorite song of the group Hi-Fi?

Song of the Princess.

Mitya, tell me going not just?

No. I have already promised that we will have more news. At least we recorded a couple of songs and think how best to acquaint fans with the new round of creativity. In any case, I’m glad this revived Union.


Ksenia Oleshko

Группа Hi-Fi воссоединилась спустя десять лет

Xenia – ballerina and professional dancer – was the first soloist Hi-Fi. Left the band in 2003, having decided to devote himself to the family. Since the scene no longer appear.

Ksenia, you’ve all left the band, decided to devote himself to the family. What do you do now?

We can say, the reason why I left the band, I succeeded. I do now as its a big farm and large family. I have three children: the eldest, Lisa, 12 years old, she loves to sing, is singing, average Veronica of 11 years, she, like me, are passionate about horses involved in equestrian sport, speaks at the event. The younger Plato 6 years old, he is getting ready for school. We have 5 horses and 6 dogs.

Tell us about your first impressions when you first saw the rest of the band – Mitya and Timothy?

Experience was very pleasant. Then we little thought how things will be in the team. Just live for today – young, creative, positive. And so it was.

Immediately supported the idea to unite the composition of gold?

Yes, I was, just because it’s cool! Musketeers 20 years later.

You haven’t been on stage for 15 years, and then just “Olympic”. What are your impressions?

Worried, but usually only until the moment has not yet come on the scene.

Your favorite song of the group Hi-Fi?

“I love you”, the last song before I left. It is associated with romantic memories.


Timofey Pronkin

Группа Hi-Fi воссоединилась спустя десять лет

Timothy is a professional dancer and devoted family man, he has two sons.

Timothy, you are the most dedicated and loyal member of the group, all 20 years not breaking up with Hi-Fi. About what years the fondest memories?

About the first 10 years, from the first day until the departure of Mitya. It was the most bright, warm, interesting and funny days.

Answer without hesitation: how many singers were in the group Hi-Fi?

I, too, question (laughs). 5! I even can enumerate without thinking – Ksenia Oleshko, Tanya Tereshina, Kate Lee, Olesya Lipchanskaya, Marina Drozdina.

Tell us about your first impressions when you saw the rest of the band – Mitya and Xenia?

We She met at the club “Manhattan Express” for show underwear. Actually, we’re both there and it showed. I thought, “Wow, what a beautiful, fragile, graceful!”. Do we then even could not think that we can have some group. Somehow met her in the subway, although she never went there. She asked my phone number is already told about me to the producers and asked to come for an audition. Come see mityaya and think, “What the hell? Why are we all so different?”. You know, 20 years ago, there was boy bands or girl. And such as ours was not. And I was just the ocean of misunderstanding, how can it work? And it played into our hand – romantic Mitya, fragile Ksyusha and I was like “alfach” images for each audience. And it all came together!

Группа Hi-Fi воссоединилась спустя десять лет

Whom dreamed to become in the childhood?

I had two dreams. I wanted to be an independent traveler and everywhere to go. And yet – the General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. I watched on TV, with what pomp they were buried (and it was a direct a succession of funerals of General secretaries died one after another), I watched and thought: “that’s the level!”.

They say that besides music do you do furniture? It’s a hobby? A second job?

I make and restore interior yourself, with your own hands. I am the many faces of Janus, and it’s one of my face. In addition to the scene want to Express themselves more and so, “through the hands”.

Favorite song of the group Hi-Fi?

Difficult. They are all awesome! Not so long ago we talked with Alexey Serov from the “Disco Crash” and he says “You, Hi-Fi, the coolest dudes”. I asked: “And why do you think so?”. He said: “Yes, because you sing the songs of Paul Yesenin”. And it’s true. How can Pasha’s something not to like? He is one of the best contemporary composers and melodically, and it’s not because we praise, and other professional musicians also recognize this. Very few people know personally, sometimes I ask: “Yesenin – it is generally a live person? Does it exist?” And he was there! So many years creating such works! Some known all over the country, some go unnoticed, some not yet published, but they are no less a masterpiece than “homeless”. And the most beloved I will call “Black crow”.

Группа Hi-Fi воссоединилась спустя десять лет

Timothy, what’s the secret of youth and good shape?

My main rule is when a person is happy when they get pleasure from each moment of life with him everything is in order both internally and externally. Not portte yourself up counting calories, nothing will come of it. But “not to eat at night” is a better rule to learn. At all. Nothing. I still run every evening at 5 kilometers.

What did you feel going up on stage “Olympic”?

First and foremost, this excitement. The excitement that are included in the same river twice, 15 years later. Returned the feelings that were then before each scene. We have not been together as it will be – it will not work – it was unclear, but I liked it! Such a euphoria after the show – people rage, cry, rejoice. All night and all morning break social network: “Hurrah! Finally!”. It’s all very good. Now we need to do the maximum to not to let our listeners.


Marina Drozdina, the new soloist of group Hi-Fi

Группа Hi-Fi воссоединилась спустя десять лет

Marina came to Hi-Fi in 2016, today, along with Timothy, they are permanent members of the team. In addition to the music career she is teaching. She has her own children’s creative Studio model. As the singer admits, she does not models, dancers or actors, her Studio for the overall development, because everything in life is useful.

Marina, tell me, to participate in the group you knew about its existence? Was a fan?

I’m on the scene since 2004, so even with the old lineup we’ve crossed paths and met in larger venues. Fan was not, but I liked the individual parts – here the vocals, the choreography here. And, of course, the songs – they were always at the hearing. I could sing any of them before the start of work in the group.

Your favorite song of the group Hi-Fi?

It is very difficult to select one. I like that we’re playing on stage, the program took the best. Like the song “Angels”, probably because I was there more than just singing. And I love our new track – we did a remake of the singer Shura “does Not believe in tears”, it sounded very modern. The scene shakes when we leave her at concerts.

You first on such a large site?

Generally no, but in the “Olympic” for the first time. Very worried. I have always so: before the release of excitement, shaking all around. But it is necessary to take the first step on stage, you forget everything. Here, emotions are, of course, crazy. When I just looked to see how many people out there understand that it will break. Especially when all these people singing, waving their hands, pick up the phone lanterns up!

What did you feel standing on the stage with the former members? What is the reaction of the audience?

I traced the reaction to yourself when Mitya I announced. Of course, you guys all know, both visually and by name, despite the fact that they had not performed together for many years. I’ve seen so far are different, but I refer to it as normal, musical groups happen to change the soloists. Get used to me. I think I’m in the group for a long time.