Group “Arrow” returns to the stage

Группа «Стрелки» возвращается на сцену

Hello again! Popular in the early 90s the group “Arrow” returns to the stage. And it’s not just the revival of the group – the group will be “Golden”, the same that was loved by the audience many years ago.

Группа «Стрелки» возвращается на сцену
Grown-up Kate, Hera, tories and Margo assured that we will be able to catch the fancy of the audience with their old and new hits. Inspired by his comeback, girls and women are preparing many surprises to his former fans.
After the great popularity of the group more than a decade ago, there was a lull. Some singers find it difficult to cope with it, and Cat even wanted to commit suicide.

“It was a difficult period in my life.. I woke up after only six months. Now I am married and my husband is serving time. My fate – the struggle for life and justice. But I again felt an urge to become part of the team. Here I feel happy,” said Kate.
After the closure of the project “Arrow” Hera and Margo created a group “bridge”, but two years later, Margo got married and gave birth to two children, she got no time for concerts.
The idea is to recreate the “Hands” came up to the girls after the performance on “Disco 90s” where they called Leonid velichkovski. New songs for the forgotten partially group will write Gera – all this time she never stopped writing music and lyrics, so finding the author and composer of the singer can not rush.

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