Жениха Татьяны Овсиенко снова посадили в тюрьму Alexander Merkulov will spend in prison six months. Civil wife Tatyana Ovsienko was sentenced to four years, but he counted the time he spent in jail. To serve the sentence chosen by the popular singer will be there, which include those convicted of serious crimes.

      Жениха Татьяны Овсиенко снова посадили в тюрьму

      The Moscow city court has pronounced a sentence to all defendants in the criminal case about the assassination of a businessman Sergei Vasiliev. Alexander Merkulov, the civil spouse of the singer Tatyana Ovsienko, was sentenced to four years of imprisonment with punishment serving in a colony of strict regime.

      Fiance Tatiana Ovsienko sentenced

      “Given the fact that Alexander in the course of the proceedings already held in jail for more than three years, he left to serve for about six months, – commented on the “StarHit” the lawyer Valery Merkulov, Babkovich. – According to my calculations it will be released in April next year. Serve his sentence will be in the Matrosskaya Tishina prison on a special floor where you are accused of serious crimes. Tatiana attended the court session, upset, unable to hold back the tears. She tries to hold on! Alexander gave her valuables, watch. Next week I’ll arrange the opportunity to receive visits in jail, where she will give him everything necessary.”

      Accomplices of Alexander, Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) and Vyacheslav Drokov and Alexander Korpusov received long terms of imprisonment, and recovery of funds as a moral compensation.

      Now, apparently, the actress and her chosen one will have to wait with the wedding, which they announced two years ago. Then unexpected circumstances prevented the creation of a family. Tatiana talked about the fact that they have no time to arrange a celebration.


      “We decided that in the spring we could get married again. But until it did – once! That son married, a grandchild was baptized. Sasha about my grandson joking: “Tanya, it’s scary to sleep with grandma!” I hope in the fall, my anniversary, we will sign for it. Dream of a beautiful wedding, on a white elegant dress,” – said the star of the 90s. Now the lovers have to wait another six months to realize the dream of marriage.

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