Groom Princess Eugenie made her an offer by the rules

Жених принцессы Евгении сделал ей предложение не по правилам
The granddaughter of Queen spoke about the unusual circumstances of her engagement.

Жених принцессы Евгении сделал ей предложение не по правилам

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank


As reported
yesterday, the representative of Buckingham Palace, Princess Eugenie officially
got engaged with her boyfriend Jack Brooksbank. In an interview
the Princess gave after announcing their engagement, she said, like when Jack
invited her to become his wife.

admitted Eugenia, granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, the offer of marriage had become to her surprise, although she knows Brooksbank for more than seven years. It all happened when they
went to Nicaragua, where he decided
to relax a bit. And then one day they were on the shore of the lake
located at the foot of the scenic volcano. “It was amazingly beautiful.
We arrived there at sunset, and the water in the lake was a striking
colors I’ve never
seen. And then he suddenly dropped to one knee. Of course, deep down I
believed that one day we will get married. And still his proposal was for me
a complete surprise. Besides, Jack chose just the perfect moment!”

The most amazing
in this story is that, as admitted Brooksbank, he made a proposal to his beloved … not giving her that engagement ring! Or rather, he did it later. “I looked after
the model of the ring. But I knew that Eugene would want to participate in the development of its design. When we got back home to London, I took her to the jeweler, and we
chosen as the Central stone of the ring special sapphire – the so-called
padparadsha (which translated in the language in which
they say in Sri Lanka, means Lotus flower). This stone changes its color based on
from what angle of view you look at it. It changes all the time –
the same can be different, and Eugene itself, so that it really suits her!”

As it became
you know, all the relatives of the bride and groom, including Queen Elizabeth,
approved their engagement. And his father Eugene – the middle son of Queen Prince Andrew stated,
he really liked Jack, and he already considers it almost a member
family. So their wedding which will take place in autumn 2018, the year in Windsor castle,
will delight all. Recall: in the same castle in may will be the wedding of the grandson of Elizabeth — Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.