Жених Пэрис Хилтон признал ее «настоящей интеллектуалкой»!
37-year-old Paris has announced that its life begins.

Жених Пэрис Хилтон признал ее «настоящей интеллектуалкой»!

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka


Paris Hilton, which for the first time soon will marry her boyfriend,
32-year-old actor Chris Zilko,
admitted that she’s never been happier. She loves her fiance, and he loves it. Besides, according to Paris, Silca could
fully appreciate all its advantages. He not only believes her beauty
Chris admires her intelligence…!

“Paris is a real intellectual, she’s one of the smartest women that I
had to meet ever! I can ask her advice on any
the question, and she will always find an answer… she just has no flaws!” said
Silka. It is not surprising that Hilton just loves man so much about
it comments, and pay, in response to the compliments in his address. “He is
best friend, the most loyal, loving… and Chris is just the perfect man! He is my
soul mate, one hundred percent…” tenderly Paris. And although Hilton already
celebrated his 37th birthday, she claims that her life now, after meeting with Silkou, is just beginning.

We will remind, Roman, Paris and Chris began in the summer of 2016. On the eve of the New year
Zilka made invited Hilton to be his wife, to which she, of course, with joy
agreed. Moreover, his proposal
Chris furnish very effectively. He invited his beloved to a trip in the ski
resort in Colorado. And when they were on the mountain top of aspen mountain, stood
on one knee and presented her with the engagement ring with an impressive
diamond pear-shaped which cost, according to conservative estimates, not
less than $ 2 million. This ring just could not be like the Hilton
after all, it was patterned engagement rings mother of the bride, which Paris
have always admired.

Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka

Photo: Instagram.com