Жениха Ларисы Копенкиной поймали на измене Maxim Atamanov had hidden much from lady. Larissa Kopenkina itself does not advertise a relationship with a man for approximately 1.5 years. However, close people businesswoman became suspicious of the behavior of her lover and decided to bring it to clean water.
Жениха Ларисы Копенкиной поймали на измене

Larissa Kopenkina presented fiancé Maxim Atamanov. As it became known, businesswoman meets with a man for two years. However, she preferred not to advertise their relationship as the chosen one younger than her 18 years. They met at the Mall. The man admitted that Larisa interested him as a woman, he did not think about her past. Kopenkina happy with Maxim, but her acquaintances had questions for the man. Prokhor Chaliapin and son of Kopenkina Yuri Bezzubov decided to Ratmanova to clean water. According to relatives of Larissa, her fiance claim a share in the will. Kopenkina and Ratmanov were the guests of the program “really”.

Maxim and Larissa have already managed to visit the Bridal shop where the bride tried on the dress. According to the chosen woman, he is willing to buy her any outfit. Experts the transmission tried to figure out how a man is independent in terms of Finance. Atamanov claims that he has no money problems.

“We were not going to expose all for show. It is the thoughts of other people who are eager to ask you questions”, – so reacted Maxim for a public appearance.
Жениха Ларисы Копенкиной поймали на измене

As recalled four years, he made quite an impression on her when we first met. Maxim previously seen Larissa only on TV. Atamanov works as an actor, but personally businesswoman not met.

Later in the Studio there was a former husband of Larisa Prokhor Chaliapin. “I have extremely negative attitude to this a tandem”, – expressed his opinion of the singer.

Prokhorov learned about the new chosen one from Yuri, the son of Larisa. He allegedly announced in the house that Maxim has written in his will. The woman did not want to discuss the issue.

“I’m not going to die. 500 years will stretch at least another,” said Larissa.

The singer called Maxim Alphonse, who wants money from her. Then the Studio came in Yuri Bezzubov. The son of Kopenkina outraged by the fact that his mother wants to give everything he has to his men.

“I found out about this man recently, and then I find out that she’s writing him in the will,” said Yuri.
Жениха Ларисы Копенкиной поймали на измене

In the middle of the transfer it became clear that Maksim was previously married and he has a 12-year-old daughter. According to the actor, he helps the child. Experts argue the opposite: the man is lying about the payment of alimony. “I came when you needed something. There was a time, when there was no money, but I still helped”, – tried to justify Atamanov.

Besides, it turned out that the man Kopenkina hides her from something important. Suddenly the Studio came a woman named Elena Elistratova, who claims that they were planning to get married with Maxim August 8, 2018. She barely concealed tears. It turned out that Lena really loves a man, they live in her apartment. The woman knew nothing about the relationship of the actor with Kopenkina.

Maxim refused to answer the question Larissa.

“I was trying on my dress, I vowed to love. We live together,” said Lena.
Жениха Ларисы Копенкиной поймали на измене

Broadcast showed an excerpt from a home video of Elena, where a couple is discussing an upcoming wedding. Elistratova even imagined herself as she would look during pregnancy.

The woman claims he knows about the existence of a daughter Maxim, and also managed to introduce the actor to his parents. “I love Maxim,” said Elena.

Four years took the whole situation with her usual irony. “Oh, lucky me, damn it. But I was happy,” said Kopenkina.

Larisa Maxim shamed that he was so indifferent to the relations of Elistratova, and urged Elena to save women’s pride. The actor himself left the answers to the questions of experts and women without answers.

“I don’t want to discuss anything in this Studio. Lena, then we’ll talk. Calm down,” said Maxim.