Groin: “Psychic ability is for everyone!”

Пахом: «Экстрасенсорные способности есть у каждого!»
On TV-3 is a new program about psychics.

Пахом: «Экстрасенсорные способности есть у каждого!»


Photo: courtesy TV-3

“Psychic abilities are at all, and are especially evident
in childhood, — admitted the controversial
the artist Sergey Pakhomov (Groin) on the set of new TV programs-3 of “Supernatural selection”. But then the majority forgets about it, and
I infantile the device, and
my inner psychic proboscis vibrates”.

In the role of presenter Groin, on a tour to the cities of Russia, to
to identify the most powerful psychics. Sergey Pahomov for the first time announced its
paranormal abilities in the show “Battle of psychics”, becoming the most popular
part of it, but all of a sudden after leaving the program on their own
will. Once said Groin “Battle” tempered inside him, but also exhausted.
And now he became a judge in the competition of people with paranormal

On the set of

Photo: courtesy TV-3

the terms of the program, the best psychics the cities themselves will invent one for
other sophisticated tasks, starting from the vulnerabilities of opponents, and themselves
to assess how their colleagues cope with the challenges. In the first season
“Supernatural selection” got the Tver, Tula, Ryazan, Voronezh, Nizhny
Novgorod and Kazan. In each of the six town shooting the last 4 days. Three of the magician
prepared daily assignments for fourth colleagues. They evaluate it on a scale of ten
system and either recognize him as a Pro, or put on it the magic cross. Groin
also puts your grades, but psychics and viewers will learn about them only in the final
all four issues before it will be declared the best mystic of the city.

show the TV-3 will be held on November 13.