Пахом и Мэрилин Керро могут вновь сразиться на «Битве экстрасенсов» Rumor has it that the favorite of millions of viewers mediums will once again try my luck on the project. Marilyn Kerro and Grandfather Pahom became one of the brightest members of the popular show. It is not excluded that they again will choose to return to the TV screens.

      Пахом и Мэрилин Керро могут вновь сразиться на «Битве экстрасенсов»
      Пахом и Мэрилин Керро могут вновь сразиться на «Битве экстрасенсов»

      In anticipation of the new season of the popular project on the channel TNT “Battle of psychics” fans of the show wondering what surprises they will see the 17th part. One of the most discussed topics were the rumors that the famous participants of the past editions, the Grandfather Pahom and Marilyn Kerro, I can once again start fighting for the coveted glass “hand”. Both contestants showed their outstanding skills and won the love and recognition of the multi-million audience.

      Sergey Pakhomov, better known as the grandfather of the Groin is not fully revealed their psychic abilities and left the project, abandoning the fight. The man decided that his place will be taken by two women who worked in tandem – mother and daughter Voronova. Thanks to Pahom they can continue to amaze with their extraordinary abilities all viewers. However, this act of psychic caused a wave of outrage from fans of the project. They decided in that whatever was to affect their favorite hero. Fans across the country launched a massive campaign in social media called #Pahangensis. Why Groin is gone from “the battle of psychics”

      Marilyn Kerro twice tried his luck to carry the title of the strongest psychic. First, a spectacular red-haired witch appeared in the 14th season of the famous TV shows but are unable to get to victory. But it is through participation in the program, she found women’s happiness is met Alexander Sheps. In the show she came back the next year. In the casting of 16-year project, she was struck by their fans, came in the qualifying round. Marilyn reached the final but lost to Victoria Raydos.

      Psychic Marilyn Kerro refused weddings

      In the final 16 of the season Alexander Sheps after the announcement of the results said in jest that perhaps Marilyn will return to the project.

      “Wait for Marilyn next season to compete with Pahom,” he shouted into a crowd beloved witch.

      Now fans are wondering whether the bright members of the previous season will appear in the new “Battle of the psychics. The channel denies that it’s possible viewers will see favorite characters. The creators of the program carefully choose the most powerful mages, sorcerers and witches. They do not hide that the auditions have come and those who do not possess any supernatural powers.

      New “Battle of the psychics: the millionaire, the risen prophet and adviser to Yeltsin

      “In fact, having no relation to the business of psychics, our task out of this litter to find those really interesting. And people with powers we are willing to pay extra and to create all conditions, if only they had taken part in our trials, sometimes very severe, requiring to spend a lot of effort, time and energy. And I think that in the 17th season of the project, viewers will see the really strong psychics!” – said project producer Maria shaikevich.

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