Gritsenko had a fight with the new girl because Buzova

Гриценко поссорился с новой девушкой из-за Бузовой His beloved did not like that the novel flirts with the host. However, Hrytsenko was quickly able to explain to Irina Pinchuk, what happened should not worry her. The very same Olga Buzova tries not to pay attention to the story.
Гриценко поссорился с новой девушкой из-за Бузовой

Within a few months the Roman Gritsenko tried to Woo Olga Buzova. The young man gave the leading “House-2” flowers, arranged her jealousy, and once even kissed the star just on Calvary.

Buzova and Gritsenko have merged in a hot kiss

But Olga made it clear that she cannot be in a relationship with Roman Gritsenko. That is why the young man began to look for a new girl. In the end, his choice fell on the former participant of the project Irina Pinchuk.

After several weeks of communicating, the girl came to the telestroke to the Novel. However, in the first day, she managed to quarrel with him. As it turned out, the conflict occurred because of Buzova.

“On the day of my arrival we had a little fight. I freaked out, because it turned out, while Roma was waiting for me, was flirting with Buzova. Showed video of him licking a Lollipop with the image leading. I didn’t like it, and I said this. It was a shame. He replied that it was garbage, and I can relax. Then we talked, like now, everything is fine”, – said Irina.

According to the girl, she will not forgive treason. That is why, if the novel continues to flirt with other participants or presenters, it will cease to communicate with him.

However, while Irina is positive. She is confident that she will be able to build relationships with Gritsenko and make him happy. According to Pinchuk, the young man was never in love with Buzova real.

“I think they have Buzova was nothing serious. If he really liked, the Roma could care leading not only in the perimeter and behind the project. If he really wanted to win her heart, now was not on “the House-2″, and show where the men are making Olga. I think for him it was history in the framework of the project”, – said Irina.

Now, the novel went to the casting in St. Petersburg, but Irina is going to wait. The girl said that I would not again come to the project if I had not felt sympathy for Hrytsenko.

Recall that Pinchuk has left the “House-2” about two years ago. Then she won in the first season of the show “love Island”. Together with Ivan Bursikova she had won a million rubles, and the money the couple had planned a lavish wedding. Soon, however, they suddenly broke up.

Communicating with Irina noted that even thinks about the relationship with other project participants. Now all her thoughts are busy dealing with Hrytsenko.

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