Grigory Leps was sober for a few months

Григорий Лепс перестал злоупотреблять алкоголем на несколько месяцев The artist explained why she prefers to drink less. According to Grigory Leps, it is hard to speak if he overdo with alcohol. In addition, the singer tries to play sports, particularly running.

Grigory Leps playing on stage for many years. The artist started singing in the pubs and now gathers thousands of concert halls. Says the singer of the hit “a Glass of vodka on the table” in show business is always a lot of temptations. That is why many of his colleagues, who gave concerts in the 90s, now left the scene or died.

“We had a lot of artists that first gathered full halls, then stopped work and disappeared. But, by the way, there are people who don’t drink, don’t hang out and do nothing,” said Leps.

The singer admits that he tries not to abuse alcohol. He had difficult times when he too leaned on alcohol. Leps didn’t even need companions who will keep him company.

“Sometimes I drink alone. He sat down and drank and flooded. Vodka before loved. Then moved on to red wine, whiskey. I have a peculiar relationship to alcohol. Can one drink, in the company, may not even drink. With the years. Now until the end of summer I have a break. I’m constantly on the treadmill. Laziness, of course, but it is necessary. Got up, walked the five kilometers. Sometimes more kilometers, thirty, forty. Go think about life. In General, a glass of wine never hurt anyone. If it’s glass, not two liters,” admitted Gregory.

Leps knows what to sing and move on stage it became much harder if you allow yourself to drink too much. “Before in restaurants before the show, of course, drinking. And now still feel that breathing is difficult. If you go on stage drunk, physically things do not pull. The courage — Yes, you’re cool. But on the courage you entire program can get,” shared the actor.

In addition to problems with alcohol a while Leps played cards and visited casinos when they existed in Russia. “The last time I played at casino 23 years ago. It was in Moscow club “Metelitsa”. I got a lot of money. Difficult then repaying the debt, personmal. When a gambler plays against a gambler is a confrontation with professionals, with all the bells and whistles and gadgets. When you’re one on one with casino is the game one way. You’re gonna lose anyway” – said Gregory in an interview with