Grigory Leps was not invited to the festival “Christmas at Rosa Khutor”

Григория Лепса не пригласили на фестиваль «Рождество на Роза Хутор» The artist will not fly in Sochi. This time Grigory Leps will host a Grand event at the “Crocus city Hall”. In the Krasnodar region at this time will be molodozhny gathering of talented musicians.

Three years production center singer organized in the ski resort music festival: together with Gregory Christmas is a few days in a row noted by his family, friends, colleagues. This year the artist will arrange a holiday more modest: it will be held in “Crocus city Hall” in Moscow. His place in Sochi will take competitors – there to hold a festival for young performers and subcultures “Tomorrow”.

“We believe that cool and popular projects are born in the Internet, starting and ending Occimiano Basta – shared with “StarHit” Maxim Volkov, one of the organizers. To speak we are the people for whom the future: “M-band”, a Christmas Tree, Lena Temnikova, Pharaoh. The Leps were not invited, like Philip Kirkorov, Stas Mikhailov and similar masters.

As specget want to invite Sergey Lazarev – he is still the idol of youth, who feels the time. Together with well-known artists will give the chance to be young and beginners: everyone can apply for and if successful to be on stage, “rose Hall”. By the way, the ticket sales are not yet aware of the changes and opened the pre-order “Christmas with the Leps” will have to disappoint the fans.”

By the way, at the moment Grigol Leps busy with the development of another business. The artist is preparing to open the restaurant “Glass of vodka” and looking for a room, which will move him to a karaoke bar. Leps himself sometimes visits a favorite place.

“It happens infrequently, but in karaoke dad also happens, – told “StarHit” his eldest daughter Inga Leps. Usually on holidays. This year I went to sing on the birthday of his wife, Ani. Were only the family and friends. I remember that dad likes to sing “White rose” group “Tender may”, and much of the repertoire of the Beatles, such as Hey Jude. When the microphone is in my hands, he always carefully listens, then maybe even to criticize – it is always the case, but with humor.”