Grigory Leps was denied entry to the UK

Григорию Лепсу запретили въезд в Великобританию The musician denied a visa to visit this country. British Embassy three months were considered documents of Grigory Leps. The famous singer does not know why he is not allowed to see the Albion.

      Григорию Лепсу запретили въезд в Великобританию

      Famous Russian musician Grigory Leps, which account for dozens of brilliantly executed songs, including the hit “I go to live in London in the near future about the trip to the UK can only dream of.

      The fact that not so long ago the singer was planning to visit the country, have prepared the required documents for the visa, handed them to the Embassy and waited a long time for the answer. He turned out to be negative. The British Embassy decided not to let Grigory Leps in England, by denying a visa.

      My documents was considered by one hundred and twenty days and in the end wrapped up without explanation,” admitted Grigory Leps at the festival of “Heat” in Baku.

      Famous producer and musician could not hide his disappointment with this decision of the representatives of British diplomacy. In the UK it can get now, not soon, because before re-applying for a visa it will take some time.

      Meanwhile, in June this year, at the beginning of summer vacation, the daughter of Grigory Leps, 14-year-old Eva, well rested in London. The celebrity heiress and her friends, in which company she visited Albion, apparently, problems with obtaining visa to the UK does not arise.

      This is not the first case in the life of Grigory Leps, when faced with a refusal to visit foreign countries. Fans of the singer remember the story two years ago, when Grigory Leps was denied entry into the United States. In December 2013, the musician has included in the sanctions list of the Ministry of Finance of America.

      At this time in USA was the eldest daughter of Grigory Leps Inga. She graduated from the acting Department of the film Academy in new York and began working in several projects. Leps are very worried that because of the prohibitions could not see my daughter. They communicate only through Skype, and after some time, Inga returned to Russia. Grigory Leps more than six months have not seen daughter Inga

      By the way, on the eve of Grigory Leps celebrated his birthday – July 16 singer turned 54. Singer has received numerous congratulations from his fans and friends on social networks. Met your holiday Leps at midnight on the concert in Vladivostok.

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