Григорию Лепсу запретили въезд в Израиль Now with the situation personally knows the Minister of internal security of the country. At the end of may in two Israeli cities – tel Aviv and Haifa should take place solo concerts of Grigory Leps. Tickets for concerts on 24 and 26 may sold out almost completely. However, two weeks before the tour singer for no reason was banned from this country.
Григорию Лепсу запретили въезд в Израиль

According to the shocked tour organizer of the artist, all the musicians and technical team with Gregory, got permission, and the only one who is “wrapped” proved himself Leps.

The situation has already intervened, Israeli politician, Deputy of the Yulia Malinovskaya.

“I sent an emergency appeal to the Minister of internal security, Gilad Ardana and geninspektora police with the requirement to explain the basis on which popular singer, who yesterday made tours in Europe and repeatedly visited Israel, without any explanation denied entry to our country”, – said the Director.

According to the Deputy, she hopes for a prompt response “to this absurd situation, which will be able to avoid a very unpleasant diplomatic incident with Russia and to prevent moral damages to thousands of fans of the famous singer.”

This, recall, is not the first case when the Leps close the entry in a particular country. Five years ago the singer, for example, was denied a visa in the United States, accused of having links with the Russian mafia. The Americans said that the actor allegedly linked to some criminal organisation “the brotherly circle”. Since then, the situation has not changed.

And two years ago he was still refused entry to Britain.

Grigory Leps was denied entry to the UK

Meanwhile, a representative of Grigory Leps declined to comment, but expressed hope that “the situation will be resolved soon and concerts will be held.”