Григорий Лепс положил конец вражде Тимати и Филиппа Киркорова

For anybody not a secret that relations of the king of Russian pop scene Philip Kirkorov and main rapper of the country Timothy for several years was not ideal. On the part of both artists to the rival received adverse comments, taunts and similar unpleasant things.

To put an end to the hostility Kirkorov and Yunusov took one of the main singer of the country Grigory Leps. And he did it man very original way – singer of the hit “a Glass of vodka on the table” simply re-introduced the artists.

“Philip, I want you to meet my friend. Meet a great guy. His name is Timothy”, — quotes the Leps press.

Григорий Лепс положил конец вражде Тимати и Филиппа Киркорова

It is noteworthy that Timati and Kirkorov on the initiative of Leps responded calmly and even played up to his comrade: “Very nice,” politely answered Philip, and after that handed Timothy his hand, and patted the young man on the back, making it clear that he no longer envies him. Thus, the two celebrities would have reset their relationship, and their conflict has to be exhausted.

How long is enough reconciliation, to assume difficult.

Recall, Timati and Kirkorov could never be called the best of friends, however, for many years, they existed on the scene, do not interfere with each other, roughly speaking, not paying each other attention.

The aggravation occurred in 2012, a few days before the ceremony, the tenth anniversary of the award “Muz-TV”.

Then Timothy put on public display in correspondence with Philip, which showed second with the the positive side.

Kirkorov said Timothy in a rather instructive tone. But Yunusov could not tolerate “lessons” from senior comrades, in the result, calling it a “Scarecrow” and noting that he is not his “cock cage.” Philip Bedrosovich, after a pause, to the scandal died down a bit, and later sadly noted that he was disappointed in Timothy. In the end of domestic show business literally divided into two camps: those who are for Timothy, and those who for Kirkorov.


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