Григорий Лепс заставил понервничать пассажиров самолета
The singer took a swing at Oscar.

Grigory Leps

Photo: Instagram

Grigory Leps debuted
in the movie. In feature film work
the name “Heat in Baku”, devoted to the
adventure Russian stars on
the eponymous international music
festival “HEAT”, the actor played the
yourself. Or, in cinematic terms, starred
cameo. Gregory said,
to star in the movie wanted for a long time. “Director
happy, said that at least “Oscar”
in my pocket. I will be there a few
phrases,” — said the singer. The artist also mentioned that the film
be funny and positive.

By the way, the first about
what Leps in films, learned
passengers of one of the Charter night flights
heading to Baku. The news
Board woke up the tourists in
the literal sense of the word. In
this aircraft that fly
Moscow-Baku, it was decided to remove one of
moments of the film, where Leps is
at the helm of the aircraft. “Guys,
let’s you cheer up you will need
to portray that started the turbulence, and you are very scared. After the start of my sentence
“Leps drunk!” — asked one of
actors involved in the film.

Passengers willingly played along, cried and capricetv team. Ironically,
after ten minutes little turbulence in reality forced travelers
nervous, and video operator team
the creation of the film had a unique
the ability to shoot live genuine
people’s emotions, worried for their
security. According to Emin Agalarov,
in the film involved 58 Russian
artists Steven Seagal, who for
for several years, conducted in Russia
also became “his”.