Grigory Leps commented on the possibility of divorce with his wife

Григорий Лепс прокомментировал возможность развода с женой

The creative work of Grigory Leps forces him to constantly be in the limelight, but his family, the artist tries to protect from the increased attention from the press and fans.

The wife of the musician – Anna – secular parties prefers the company of their children. In fact, the education of Nicole, Eva and Vano she has been doing for many years.

As recognized by Gregory himself, it is the way we like it, because of the fact that fate can dilute it with his wife he did not want to think.

“To get away from my wife, you need to be a complete idiot. I’m not an idiot. Therefore no divorce, even speech can not be. They say that men should be back, the rear. I have it just concrete. I’m sure my wife more than myself,” admitted Leps.

By the way, singer of the hit “Glass of vodka” he says that from the first minutes of meeting Anna, he realized that she was his future.

Complicated characters both spouses are unable to stand in the way of their happiness which they now enjoy to the fullest.