Grigory Antipenko explained why he stopped acting in movies

Григорий Антипенко объяснил, почему перестал сниматься в кино
After starring in the series “Not born beautiful” actor Gregory Antipenko felt what popular.

Григорий Антипенко объяснил, почему перестал сниматься в кино

The man began more selective in choosing roles, as a result, over the past four years, it could only be seen at the theater. Many believe that Gregory is a professionally unclaimed actor, but he hastened to deny this information.

“I didn’t want to star in movies that are not interesting to me. Sincerely believe believe that we’re back in the stone age of film and learning everything anew. But now I’ve come to the right feeling that the times did not choose. Now I’m a little rethink its position. I had to meet at the site with the great masters who have also refer to our contemporary cinema. But even if in the end the project in which they participated, could not worthy, then they will still honour left a situation”, – said the actor.

At the moment Antipenko acted in several interesting projects, and its recognition in every role he’s trying to find something special.

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