Greta Thunberg awarded the magazine GQ – UK

Грета Тунберг награждена премией от журнала GQ- Великобритания

Грета Тунберг награждена премией от журнала GQ- Великобритания

A unique distinction for a unique girl! Popular GQ magazine-Britain said the 16-year-old schoolgirl Greta Thunberg prize “Revolutionary years”. This mark is specially developed for young girls for special contribution to the struggle for the environment.

“The publisher wants to emphasize the valiant and fearless dedication with which Greta draws attention to the problem of climate change on our planet!”, — said editor Dylan Jones. However, self award Greta Thunberg can not pick up! On 3 September, when took place the ceremony “person of the year” by the magazine “GQ” Greta was somewhere in the middle of the ocean.

Грета Тунберг награждена премией от журнала GQ- Великобритания

It’s on the boat went to new York, where she was scheduled to meet at the UN summit. Plane the girl refuses to use no accident, as its emissions are destroying the ozone layer in the atmosphere. From this transport, Greta talked to use parents car family is not for the same reason. She and her family moved on bikes. For this kind of transport has put it and his mother is singer Malena of Inman that in 2009, the year represented Sweden at the Eurovision song contest, which even stopped the international career. Also, to reduce the greenhouse effect in the atmosphere, the family of the girl refused to eat meat.

Interesting that the greenhouse effect was discovered ancestor Greta – Svante Arrhenius, who even received a Nobel prize for it. 16-year-old girl became famous at the time when he launched
large-scale movement against climate change, it all started with protests against global warming under the Swedish Parliament. There a girl came in for school lessons. That is why the journal of The Times declared it among the most influential teenagers in the world and placed it on the cover of their magazine. This girl is the most likely winner and contender for the Nobel peace prize, despite the fact that Greta has syndrome Asberg – a violation of mental development.

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