Привет из прошлого: как прогнозы экстрасенсов перевернули жизнь звезд Celebrity said the “StarHit” about the come true predictions. Many of them, the words of the seers, it is said that once, got me through a serious test. Actors, TV presenters and writer shared his memories about meetings with people endowed with special powers.

      Привет из прошлого: как прогнозы экстрасенсов перевернули жизнь звезд

      Celebrities often resort to psychics, fortune tellers and astrologers. Singer Irina Dubtsova prophesied imminent marriage to TV host Vladimir Solovyov, the birth of children, and Darya Dontsova the death of a friend. Star said “StarHit” the predictions that have come true.

      Irina Dubtsova

      Prediction: an early marriage and child birth

      Now the singer is cool refers to the predictions of psychics, but in his youth he was not opposed to look to the future. “From 1999 to 2003, I sang in the popular group “Girls” at the valley of the Scar, Lime and Tanya Gerasimova, − Irina remembers. We traveled with a tour across the country. And here in one of the cities to us after the performance a man came up and offered to tell fortunes. Then I had so much fun, and I agreed! In the end, uncle told me that I first of all get married and have a baby.

      Привет из прошлого: как прогнозы экстрасенсов перевернули жизнь звезд

      At that moment, I about such even did not think, and not previously planned to start a family. I laughed and quickly forgot. But a few years later his predictions have come true. At 22 I was married, and 24 gave birth to a son. The girls it happened much later. More to the mages I didn’t”.

      The participants who dropped from sight: how was their fate

      Vlad Lisovets

      Prediction: the date of the death of his father and mother moving

      Привет из прошлого: как прогнозы экстрасенсов перевернули жизнь звезд

      The stylist is surprised how closely and often a self-fulfilling prophecy. “Five years ago, a clairvoyant told me that my mother will live near me practically behind the wall,” says Vlad “StarHit”. – He told me that soon will not be my father. I was dumbfounded. This really happened… a year And a half my mother moved. It so happened that my neighbors in the stairwell urgently needed to sell the apartment and they offered me to buy it at the best price. So I became an owner of another housing. The first thought was to move mom!

      The most amazing incident happened a few years ago during a holiday in nice. My friends and I went to the salon for a massage. The master was a Frenchwoman with Moroccan roots. She told many interesting things about me. Said that I help people in the future will do it in your own home. And what do you think? A week ago I won the bidding for the rental of the room is a basement with an area of 400 “squares”… in my house! Plan to open a school where I will teach the style of ordinary women and men.

      Darya Dontsova

      Prediction: sickness and wealth

      Привет из прошлого: как прогнозы экстрасенсов перевернули жизнь звезд

      Before becoming a writer, Stus worked as an interpreter from French into Russian at the Russian Embassy in Syria. In 1974 a journalist friend persuaded her to go to the famous fortune-teller in the Syrian city of Aleppo. This meeting Daria still remembers.

      “First she asked me to look into the pot of bubbling muddy water and then said that I have a daughter,” says the writer. – I almost laughed, because at that time my second marriage collapsed, a married woman was only on paper. I had a son, Arkady, child support for him I had not received. And married for the third time was not going to. Then she continued: “At forty-five you very seriously ill. All around will be talking about imminent death, but do not trust anyone. You live to 104 years. After fifty will be a wealthy woman, material prosperity will come to you from right hand and will not abandon you to the grave.”

      At the time I was only 22 years old, and I treated the prediction with a smile. But years later everything has come true. I got married, I was born a beautiful daughter Mary. And when he got cancer, often recalled the words of the Syrian clairvoyant. About the well-being is also not deceived. Favorite business brings good income. The prognosis for my friend the journalist, too, has come true. First, the fortune teller did not want to communicate with him and even asked to leave the premises. But he asked for it. He probably didn’t want to talk – she predicted that he was to live only three years. And so it happened, in 1977, he died of gastrointestinal infections”.



      Привет из прошлого: как прогнозы экстрасенсов перевернули жизнь звезд

      The “Factory” for several years on a variety of issues consults with astrologist Elena Paninoj. For example, when in 2014 the musical band was looking for a new soloist, that Lena helped with the selection. The producer opted for Sasha Popova, participant group, Ira Toneva and Sasha Saveliev decided to play safe and asked the astrologer to be her characteristic.

      “We have received from Elena approving the recommendation, they say, she’s a nice girl, communication with her is comfortable, her participation would benefit the development of the group! – says Irina Toneva. – And thanks to Lena, we learned that each person has their own special date, in which low energy potential. Somehow one of these days we had a concert. There was a huge stage, but the audience was very far away, screen broadcast of the concert was not that interfere with the interaction with the audience. In that city many temples and reservoirs. All this is known, eliminates the symptoms of emotions. That evening to rock the crowd we could, but it was difficult.” Irina Toneva changed her image

      Vladimir Solovyov

      Prediction: the years of birth of children

      Привет из прошлого: как прогнозы экстрасенсов перевернули жизнь звезд

      The leader of the program “Duel” on the “Russia 1” it is often resorted to by the predictors. “Treat this as an additional source of information – seriously, albeit with a slight irony, − confessed Vladimir “StarHit”. In his time among tons of scammers I met some interesting people. One of them is astrologer Pavel Globa.

      I remember the case as of December 31, 1999, Sasha Gordon, Pavel Pavlovich, and a group of Russian compatriots rode a tour bus around Paris. Over Globa began to banter, they say, he promised that Boris Yeltsin will resign before 2000, and it was already the 31st… And suddenly on the radio that Yeltsin left the post of President of the Russian Federation. Later Paul personally, I predicted the year of birth of my children.

      Another man, a trusted seer Vladislav Nikolayevich, he is pious. We were introduced by friends. If you miss the plane, you can dial it and ask, is this race or not? Sometimes answers: “don’t worry, the plane will be delayed for five hours,” and sometimes advised not to go to the airport. Asked for his help when we were friends with health problems – cancer. He never made a mistake with the forecast.


      Prediction: divorce and the birth of a son

      Привет из прошлого: как прогнозы экстрасенсов перевернули жизнь звезд

      With astrologist Leocadia Galaktionova parodist introduced to Lolita. The singer has used her services for over a decade. “I came to leocadia in 2000, more for − shares Grushevskogo. – She gathered information about the date, time and place of my birth. Then made some calculations and decided that I will have two marriages, true happiness will find only at a Mature age, my second child is born. A year later I got married the first time, and in 2002 a daughter, Daria.Spun in everyday life, about the forecast I do not even remember. But life has shown that leocadia was right. And he didn’t.

      True love, my future wife Eugenia, I met a year before the anniversary. And in 50 years married and we have a son Misha. By the way, my wife recently was back at Galaktionova. It made a detailed forecast for Hrushevsky, Jr., and he is slowly coming true. “I can only say that the Bear chasing the football, confidently hit the ball and sometimes misses the target. And – younger girls, beware!”

      Marina Afrikantov

      Prediction: victory in the beauty contest

      Привет из прошлого: как прогнозы экстрасенсов перевернули жизнь звезд

      Marina Afrikantov, one of the brightest participants of the project “Dom-2” on TNT, a child prophesied that she will travel around the world. “Mom told me that when I was three years old, we came home old friends from Ukraine, they had the gift of foresight,” recalls Marina. – So, they prophesied that when I reach adulthood, I will participate in beauty contests and I will succeed. One of them even take the first prize. Said mother would drive me around the world and cry. Then we decided that this is due to dancing, I worked in the school-Studio of ballet “Todes”, but no. Years later everything has come true.

      I won prizes in several Russian beauty contests and won the competition in new York and received the title of Miss World Russian Beauty New York 2014. As for mom, she really accompanied me. When the project “House-2″ I won a trip to the Seychelles, she went with me to support. Mom stayed there for about five months. Conflicts and tears, too, has happened.”

      Lena Lenina

      Prediction: success in business

      Many years ago, Lenin spoke with a man who was fond of esoteric. “A friend wrote books on this subject, − says Elena. – By the way, many of them have become bestsellers, the name of one of them – “Revelations of the guardian angels”. Her friend was interviewed clairvoyant. One copy sent me by mail, and inside was a bookmark: “Read to yourself at the 128th page. Ex-lover Lena posted her intimate photos

      It spoke of reincarnation and that John Rockefeller in our century reincarnated into a girl named Helen, that is me, and that I will repeat the fate of the famous billionaire will make a lot of money. But in his personal life, expect problems, all men will try to use me. The earthly task of the immortal soul of Rockefeller in my body to overcome these setbacks and learn how to be successful not only in the material sphere, but in love.

      I read it, chuckled and forgot. But today, when I am the owner of Europe’s largest franchise network studios manicure Lena Lena, which includes more than 200 stores, I know that the book was true.

      I feel that everything I do in business, gets extremely easy. I’m not the smartest on earth, and don’t put much effort, but things are going uphill. As if luck is constantly smiling at me. And unlike Rockefeller often happy in love. By the way, my friend-esoteric predicted me three marriage. Supposedly the third man, like a fairy tale, will be smart, kind, rich but fat. Twice married I already was. So we wait and look back on well-fed”.

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