Greek billionaire lost his fiancée for the sake of Dasha Zhukova

Греческий миллиардер расстался с невестой ради Даши Жуковой Stavros Niarhos and ex-wife of Roman Abramovich were spotted together at several important exhibitions in different cities. Heir of the dynasty of the Greek rich left his chosen to become faithful squire Dasha Zhukova.
Греческий миллиардер расстался с невестой ради Даши Жуковой

The world of the rich and famous close, so a joint appearance of the 36-year-old Dasha and 32-year-old Stavros on the Garage magazine party in new York in October last year went unnoticed. You never know how crazy the wind nailed them to each other on this day, decided secular columnists.

But in early December, Stavros came together with Dasha to the exhibition Art Basel in Miami, and returned with her to new York and accompanied the Queen at the annual dinner in honor of the collection of the Metropolitan Museum. Zhukov was present at the events in an official capacity: she founded a magazine and sits on the Board of Directors of the Museum. Stavros was content with a role of “1” did not hide that the former Mrs Abramovich interested him more than modern art. Sources in its environment could only confirm the obvious fact: “Dasha has long been friendly with Stavros, and more recently spends a lot of time in his company”.

Summer breakups

Греческий миллиардер расстался с невестой ради Даши Жуковой

To an unexpected tour of the exhibitions in Dasha’s society Niarhos was not seen in the desire to “make friends” with representatives of the new York cultural elite. He always gravitated to show business – and professionally, and romantically. In 2007, Stavros graduated from the directing Department of the University of California, but since then, nothing remarkable and not removed. But was marked in the scandalous Chronicles of the almost simultaneous relationship with Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate Olsen. In October 2005, the young man dropped Olsen for Hilton after a six-month romance.

“I love it and miss it very much, but we don’t talk anymore, said the lady. – It’s too painful and sad”.

As soon as Stavros made friends with Paris, began to be jealous of her fame and fans complained of harassment by paparazzi. Because of “unwanted attention” he even managed to break owned by Hilton silver Bentley: driving, spotted another reporter and covered his head with a jacket. In may 2006, the tabloids caught Stavros in the arms of Lohan. Paris forgave him for the affair, but soon the bad feeling from this story led to a final rupture.

Stormy passion of the student years tired Stavros. He settled down as a “young social lion with old money.” However, the job was never found, his name is not glorified by anything except lazy modeling career and a professional kite boarding.

Греческий миллиардер расстался с невестой ради Даши Жуковой

But in 2010 entered into a civil marriage with model Jessica HART and for seven long years, has disappeared from the pages of the tabloids to the great joy of the family. The sudden announcement of the break pair made in July 2017 – roughly a month before news of the divorce of the couple Abramovich. Later it became known that in fact Dasha broke up with her husband earlier in the year, and that means summer is already considered myself quite a free woman, ready to accept attentions from men. A coincidence in the life of long-time friends of the opposite sex or not?

Winter hopes

At least, it’s safe to say that the Greek Golden boy goes for a Russian beauty in the centers of culture not for the sake of greed. The condition of his father Philip, the eldest son of the founder of the dynasty, Stavros Niarhos, who earned a fortune in the transportation of oil, is estimated at $2.5 billion. Father is alive and well, so his offspring may freely dispose of only a modest amount of $100 million, but in the future will become much richer, even if I won’t work another day in your life. Surely Stavros like that Dasha licked his potential inheritance, and she appreciates that the gentleman is not looking for a rich wife.

Roman Abramovich, with a fortune of $9,2 billion, generously rewarded the woman who lived with him for ten years and had two children. Even without the exact amounts, we can safely say that the divorce of the owner of Chelsea football club, the second largest private yacht in the world and other prestigious real estate on both sides of the ocean has become one of the most expensive in British history. And, more importantly, Abramovich continues to Fund large scale art projects Dasha in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

If for a moment to suggest that the romantic version is not correct or the only correct one, Dasha and Stavros could come together on the basis of common business interests. Who but Zhukova with her experience, can prepare younger Niarhos to control “the most significant private collection of impressionistic and modern art”, which had been collected by his late grandfather and diligently fills the father? Perhaps the Niarhos family still decided to adapt the guy to the point of giving him a reason to approach the most attractive of all the possible mentors.