Grebenshikov and Zvyagintsev was supported by the historian, was at the center of a sex scandal

Гребенщиков и Звягинцев поддержали историка, оказавшегося в центре секс-скандала Artists spoke about the situation faced by the scientist Yuriy Dmitriev, the trial of which was recently launched in Petrozavodsk. Boris Grebenshchikov, Andrey Zvyagintsev and Lev Rubinstein expressed the hope that the trial of the historian will be fair.
Гребенщиков и Звягинцев поддержали историка, оказавшегося в центре секс-скандала

61-year-old publicist, ethnographer and head of the Karelian branch of “memorial” Yuri Dmitriev was at the center of the scandal. At the moment there is a trial of a scientist accused of making pornographic images and committing a lewd act and illegal possession of weapons. Defenders Dmitriev assured that business against it is fabricated. They formed the band in the Internet and YouTube where there are videos on this subject.

Recently, in a situation in which the man intervened musician Boris Grebenshchikov, Director Andrey Zvyagintsev and poet Lev Rubinstein. Figures of culture and art recorded video message addressed to the President of the Supreme court of Russia Vyacheslav Lebedev. They expressed the hope that the trial will be held by the local fair.

“Vyacheslav Mikhailovich, on its own behalf and the behalf of the friends-musicians and other cultural figures, I appeal to you with a request to take under its special control the business of the historian Yuri Dmitriev. What it does, it is necessary for Russia. I beg you to controlled trial, and if they revealed violations of the law, to have his case considered by the Supreme court. Thank you very much”, – with such words appealed to Lebedev Grebenshikov.
Гребенщиков и Звягинцев поддержали историка, оказавшегося в центре секс-скандала

In turn, Andrey Zvyagintsev also asked the Supreme court to monitor the trial of the publicist. The Director thanked Dmitriev in his research of political repressions in the USSR. According to Zvyagintsev, the historian is doing “a real job, rising from obscurity innocent victims”.

Гребенщиков и Звягинцев поддержали историка, оказавшегося в центре секс-скандала“My request is very simple. As we know, to accuse a man of something quite elementary. (…) Please treat the case of Dmitriev, who almost certainly blamed in vain (I do not claim, but I think that we are talking about it)… That this case has been considered in terms of publicity, equal rights for accused parties to have a truly independent examination of this case,” said the artist.
Гребенщиков и Звягинцев поддержали историка, оказавшегося в центре секс-скандала

Lev Rubinstein was supported by his colleagues and called the charges against historian “wild”. He also explained why the work of Dmitriev is of great importance for companies.

“From what I know, I understand that this person is very special, outstanding, incredibly interesting. And most importantly, that for many years he was engaged in the restoration of the memory of the people who in the years of Stalinist terror was shot and killed in the camps and, strictly speaking, was gone. He tried to find out the names restored, it has raised people from the dead, symbolically at least,” said Rubinstein.

Add that Yuri Dmitriev was arrested in December last year. The court in his case began this summer in Petrozavodsk. Previously, the scientist found pictures of a minor daughter, depicted without clothes. Colleagues of the historian claimed that he kept a diary of the development of the young child and stopped his observation when she grew up. However, according to the investigation, such actions had corrupted the heiress.

In addition, the man is accused of illegal storage of the “main parts of firearms”. As reported by journalists, Dmitriev found a rusty subject for another excavation.