Сильно похудевшую Марию Порошину не узнали поклонники
The actress is incredibly transformed after the fourth birth.

Maria Poroshina

Photo: @Instagram mashaporoshina Maria Poroshina

Maria Poroshina days to surprise their fans. As
it turned out, the actress recently postrhinal markedly, so much so that
fans stopped her to find out. About the Transfiguration of Mary became known through
the picture, which she has published in the microblog.

Changes in the appearance of the 42-year-old Poroshina seen
to the naked eye. The actress recently became a mom for the fourth time, said goodbye to overexposed excess
pounds, which looked at least ten years younger. Fans
of course, Mary gave a large number of flattering comments.

By the way, some time ago, the actress candidly admitted in his attitude to plastic surgery. According to her, in the future it does not exclude the possibility of appeal to surgeons for help in maintaining youth and beauty. Poroshina itself looks amazing, but does not exclude that in five years, may turn to plastic surgeons. “Well, if by the time when I need to come up with a “miracle pill”, which can be returned to its former beauty,” the dreams of the actress.

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