Gravity no more: as families fall Ben Stiller and Ryan Gosling

Притяженья больше нет: как рушатся семьи Бена Стиллера и Райана Гослинга “StarHit” tried to figure out what happened in the relationship Hollywood stars and their spouses. The wife of Ben Stiller’s tired to endure his terrible character, and Eva Mendes disappointed civil marriage with Ryan Gosling.
Притяженья больше нет: как рушатся семьи Бена Стиллера и Райана Гослинга

In Hollywood there is a big spring / summer cleaning. The stars and getting rid of unnecessary houses, extra pounds and obsolete relations. The official announcement about the break-up of Ryan Gosling with Eva Mendes was not yet, however, this is manic secrecy, so it likely will not. Insiders say that the actors no longer live together and meet and talk only in the interests of the two common daughters. But if the collapse of Ryan’s relationship with Eva in the factory of dreams from the very beginning considered inevitable, the breakup of Ben Stiller with wife Christine Taylor after 17 years of marriage came as a surprise. What happened to one of the strongest families in Hollywood?

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The most interesting theory regarding the Steelers says that 45-year-old Christine can no longer follow a fitness plan devised for her 51-year-old husband. Friends of the pair say that they feed mainly on fruits, berries and nuts. Dairy products, cheeses and bread are banned, workers can be fired for a sandwich, taken from a home for personal use. Three days a month the couple pays under fasting, the rest of the time cleaning the body enemas. And thus they spend in the gym for two to three hours daily, although where they come from forces unknown to science.

If youth body Christine withstand imposed Ben pursuit of the title of the slim Hollywood wives, after a certain age began to rebel. However, given the nature of Stiller, only a divorce could give the actress a chance to return to a more balanced diet.

How hard it is to live with Ben, told his ex-fiancee Genie Tripplehorn. After they met, she could not believe that this dark, depressed, resentful, and vindictive guy, a comedian.

Притяженья больше нет: как рушатся семьи Бена Стиллера и Райана Гослинга“Man with a good sense of humor and funny people, different things, says Ben. – I’m not funny. Can’t tell jokes, don’t like it when they tell me, I’m afraid not to understand what’s funny. I don’t need to smile when I walk in the room. If I hear laughter somewhere nearby, I always seem to laugh at some of my blunders”.

In 2015, the press got the e-mails highest ranks of the cinematic division of the company Sony. About Ben in one of his letters said: “a lot of talent, but a horrible person”. The opinion is shared by actress extras “meet the Fockers” and the second part of “Zoolander”.

“Ben vain and stuck on himself, recalled one. – He demanded that the make-up artists to transform him into a handsome, struggled in hysterics, screaming at subordinates.”

Another said that Ben “did that whined and complained. He sat in the Director’s chair, wrapped in a warm coat and was out with somebody while scantily clad actors froze in their places. And his smiling blonde wife ran him over coffee.”

Ben is aware of his own shortcomings. “I am inclined to obsessive-compulsive disorder, obsession, – admits the actor. – Loneliness, pain, jealousy, humiliation – what would I say owned, I can’t get rid of until you bring people around to a white heat. It is possible that the blame for the disease.”

It is unknown what Christine more tired from the constant hunger, the eternal employment of the husband or his many delusions. Perhaps she never forgave Ben for refusing to have a third child in addition to the 15-year-old daughter Ella and a 12-year-old son Quinlan. But her Cup of patience overflowed, and the vacancy free girls to run errands for the coffee it is ready to release.


Since the beginning of year 36-year-old Ryan Gosling and 43-year-old Eva Mendes appeared together in public only once. According to friends of the actor, he still worried that Eva refused to accompany him at the ceremony “Golden globes” and “Oscars”.

“She has become a recluse-paranoico – tell close. – Almost never leaves home, sometimes weeks without talking with anyone but Ryan and daughters to avoid contact with his family. All accustomed to her seclusion, but no one imagined that eve will miss the “Oscar”. Ryan hurt, because the nomination for “La La land” – for an important event.”

Eva doesn’t want to go out with him in the light, but gets jealous if he spends somewhere in time without her. If she had her way, she wouldn’t let him go even to the shooting.

“She is sure that Ryan has a mistress, say friends of the actor. – Ryan – the right partner, it is unpleasant, when foreign women are trying to flirt with him. But even more unpleasant is constantly be accused of something that he never done.”

In mid-may, Gosling chose to spend mother’s Day with his mother Donna and 2-year-old eldest daughter Esmeralda. One-year-old Amada remained at home with Eva, who at this time have not found the strength to join the family celebration.

“In the beginning of the novel Ryan and Eva appeared together everywhere holding hands – remember the close pair. – Now it is difficult to be in the same room. They do not even want to waste energy fighting. The only thing they agree on is that both never get anything good from that relationship.”

To break up with eve finally Ryan hampered only by the fear of litigation over child custody. Given the volatile emotional state of eve, the actor is unlikely to leave young daughters in her care. But the actress made it clear that in case of rupture intends to send Ryan to hell and to bring them up alone.