Grandson of Oleg Yankovsky showed archival photographs grandpa

Внук Олега Янковского показал архивные фотографии дедушки Ivan Jankowski has published in the microblog a series of rare family photos, which depicted his famous grandfather. Oleg Ivanovich died may 20 after a long battle with cancer. Friends of the actor still really miss him.
Внук Олега Янковского показал архивные фотографии дедушки

Oleg Yankovsky was not nine years ago is a long time actor ignored health problems, and when went to the doctors complaining of stomach pains and constant nausea, it was too late. Then the doctors diagnosed him with pancreatic cancer at late stage, and despite all efforts, are unable to help.

Fans still sadly remember the artist, enjoy reviewing the best of his films, of which there are dozens. The grandson of the famous actor Ivan Jankowski also chose the creative profession, today decided to please fans by posting a series of photos depicting his friends and relatives, including the famous grandfather.

According to the staff, Oleg Yankovsky loved spending time with her grandchildren. He often played with them and fooling around, totally forgetting about their star status.

“If anything has value in this life, only the family. I like saying the heroine of the film “the Great beauty” Paolo Sorrentino, when asked what is the meaning of life. She said, “I don’t know, I just eat the roots. Be attentive and vigilant, and eat their own, only in this is actually the meaning of life,” wrote Jankowski under one of the posts.
Внук Олега Янковского показал архивные фотографии дедушки

Fans supported Ivan, noting that he should be proud of their famous relatives. Besides, dynasty Jankowski is one of the most influential and respected in the country. The son of Oleg Ivanovich, his grandsons and nephew chose the acting profession. Each of the members of star clan is trying to carefully select the role, because on their shoulders rests a great responsibility for the professional reputation loved ones.

Внук Олега Янковского показал архивные фотографии дедушки

Studying family photos, the fans have come to the conclusion that Ivan was a real favorite of star grandfather. Despite the constant employment in theatre and on set, Jankowski tried lot of time to spend with loved ones. He paid attention and his beloved wife, Ludmila, in marriage, with whom he lived for more than 45 years.

In the press it appeared the rumors about the infidelities of the famous sex symbol of the time. It was alleged that Oleg Ivanovich was even an illegitimate son with Irina Zybina. However, the evidence of his infidelity and was not found.

Внук Олега Янковского показал архивные фотографии дедушки

Oleg Ivanovich, in principle, did not like to comment on personal life. But his grandson Ivan is much more sociable. So, 27-year-old heir to the dynasty star often posting photos with the star friends. He shares and details of work on new projects. Fans every year increasingly noted as the grandson of the great Yankovsky like his grandfather.