Внук Надежды Бабкиной: «Называю бабушку Надей - так быстрее» George said “StarHit” why do not want to become famous. The singer admits that they have a grandson special bond a boy shares his secrets and loves to come for a visit.
Внук Надежды Бабкиной: «Называю бабушку Надей - так быстрее»

The grandson of the singer we met in high school. This year George went to the first class, and unlike many kids he likes to learn. Even at recess while the boys play Legos, he reads books.

– I especially love the lessons of physics, chemistry and astronomy – recognized heir to the stars.

– Do you already have?

– No, but want to get started. My dream is to go to the moon, and for this we need to be very smart.

– What will you do on the moon?

– To plan how to get back. Invent a device that generates so much energy that I could fly away. On earth become energy.

“Parents make”

– In my spare time what do you do?

– Experiments spend – mixed hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate, it turns out steam. Can do foam and even fireworks. Read the book, go to the movies with friends. Recently watched “the Last hero”, very much. In the theatre there. Also involved in the musical school dream of playing the violin, to the moon to have fun. But the parents insist on piano lessons. Tennis more time-consuming, it would be better for books sat. But I am forced…


“George’s mood changes more often than weather in the spring. If it is good, grandson all turns out, no – hands fall, and wants nothing. Tennis he was for four years engaged, making progress, the coach praises, but from time to time George getting tired. Apparently, now this is the period. But I and the parents are pinning great hopes on him”.

– Rest at least sometimes?

– Never relax. Toys I was tired. I in the childhood they loved. I was born, I immediately began to dream about studying.

– You have a grandma birthdays the same day, both of you Pisces zodiac sign. What are you like?

– Almost nothing. I more look like dad – we have one face and eyes.


“In fact, we, at the behest of astrology, we both love the water. Coming to the sea, can spend hours to go ashore. And love the soup. But not anyhow any, and special prepared with lots of beets, bright red and sour”.
Внук Надежды Бабкиной: «Называю бабушку Надей - так быстрее»

– Did your interest in music is not the hope of Georgievna?

– A little bit. She even sang to me when I was young. A lullaby she wrote. Not just “Bayu-bayushki-Bayu”, and on-the-go dreaming.

“Sisters are good, but a lot of noise”

– How often is she visiting?

– Every weekend. When I arrive, the first thing she puts at the table and serve tea with bagels. Even cakes for Easter baking. Nadia is fun, but strict. She has the whole house in vases and pots with bushes, so not allowed to run. She loves the comfort and I also for birthdays gives potted plants for decoration. However, when I her a flower gave breath: “my God, where did he put it?..”


“George has a passion: he loves to make some changes. Used to move the vase. Once broke one. I was upset. Briskly walked and in the hearts say: how many times told you not to touch! Half a lifetime she earned… my Grandson was scared cried. For a long time and lamented my parents that Nadia had worked so hard and he ruined it. After that, comes to visit, behaves quietly. And always talks to me heart to heart. We live in neighboring houses and when I arrived, rushing, and we have the conversation tete-a-tete. Sometimes say to his son and daughter-in-law than with me shared, and turns out they George did not tell”.

– Why call her by her name and not grandma?

– It’s faster. Her name four letters and the word “Granny” to seven.


“To me, this fact never bothered. Perhaps George began to call me Nadia (a first Aday), because as a little boy, heard parents discuss: “Soon Nadia will come” or “Get Nadia on TV”.

– When did you realize that you have it, no ordinary grandma, and the star?

When seen on television. And to her on the street, all suited and autograph please. Plus she from morning till night for the shooting goes, not resting. I don’t want to become famous, I will have to give an interview, and I don’t like to answer the questions.

– Which song is your favorite?

– All sorts of stuff. When Nadia sings, and girls and uncles in the back dancing. One is called “Four yard.”

In one interview, the grandmother said you love to wear classic suits…

That’s not true, I have them only on holidays put on. Why dress up? In General, I love his tracksuit, painted flasks, and a green scarf.

– You have two younger sisters – four-year-old Faith and two-year-old Martha. Help parents with them?

– No, do not give. Was waiting for when they are born. Girls are good, just a lot of noise – I love to play while reading. But I still love them. Faith, for example, defended from AU pairs. She with her Lisp, and it seemed to me – attacking my sister and I drove from little. After all, the older brother should always be there and make girls all was well. I’ll take care of it.