Grandson of Maria Shukshina is growing a copy of grandmother

Внук Марии Шукшиной растет копией бабушки
Little Glory will soon be three years.

Photo: Instagram

Maria Shukshina became a first time grandmother in November 2014. And though the actress — a mother of many children (her daughter and three sons), she realized that the grandchildren — not that children. The boy can just love and spoil, and bring him up — to the parents.

For publication on personal blog Shukshina seen that she was really proud of two year old Glory. He’s only a month and a half will be three, and he helps her grandmother around the house and easily can sweep the floors, for example.

Maria is constantly taking pictures of the grandson and sometimes shares his pictures with the fans. Recently, the actress posted a photo of a boy posing next to a portrait of his grandmother at a young age, a little older than him now. Fans immediately noticed that Slavik is simply a copy of his famous grandmother.

“It is true that one person?” asked in the comments of other subscribers.

“Before, the girls were a “blueprint” — mother, daughter, granddaughter… Now your grandson has picked up the baton!” — wrote one fan.

Really, if you look at the grandchild and the grandmother, it is clear that the eyes, nose, smile, even the shape of their heads are exactly the same!