Grandson of Alla Pugacheva do not call her grandmother

Внуки Аллы Пугачевой не называют ее бабушкой
The grandson of the prima Donna and son Kristina Orbakaite Denis Baysarov had a conversation with the journalists.

Внуки Аллы Пугачевой не называют ее бабушкой

It turned out that none of the three grandchildren are not called Alla Pugacheva grandmother, they call her by name. And she Alla do not mind this.

“Alla, I’m always connected. Don’t always talk on the phone, but text all the time.

It started with Nikita. He was the first to her be treated like that. Neither he nor I nor Claudia not call Alla grandmother. Because it is impossible such a beautiful woman to call grandma. She – Alla, Alusa! She gave me a lot of valuable advice. For example, always taught: “don’t let people tell you no,” says Denis.

According to a young man belonging to this famous family is a powerful incentive.

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