Grandson Andrei Mironov justified for disorderly conduct

Внук Андрея Миронова оправдался за хулиганство The heir of the famous artist rarely gives interviews. The descendant of the dynasty Mironov Andrey Udalov also followed in the footsteps of famous relatives. The young actor admitted that any errors committed in the past and said what it plans to do in the future.
Внук Андрея Миронова оправдался за хулиганство

Andrey Udalov practically does not communicate with journalists. The young man refuses to tell about the famous grandfather Andrei Mironov, on the grounds that were not personally acquainted. Soviet actor died before the birth of the child. The grandson of the popular pet misbehaved as a teenager, he had to spend the night in the bullpen.

“I was about 13-14 when I misbehaved. Mom, I was punished, and I spent two months sitting in the corner and taught Yesenin. School, then graduated with two fours and the rest fives. So the study was not “hammered”. Now I am a completely different, grown-up,” admitted Andrew.
Внук Андрея Миронова оправдался за хулиганство

Also the grandson of the famous actor revealed that he is a fan of foreign TV shows. According to him, before he wanted to connect his life with the Russian cinema and theatre. However, after a time, the guy dropped out at the Department of socio-cultural activities and entered the Shchukin school. As a young man always criticizes the game mom of the actress Maria Mironova.

“I love American TV series – “Fargo,” “twin Peaks”, “Game of thrones”. Loved it and the domestic film “Salyut-7”. Though it is a commercial movie, but done on the level. And my mom was playing great. I am always honestly, “honestly” Express their opinion, and she to me,” said the young man.

Внук Андрея Миронова оправдался за хулиганство

Udalov for six years, lives with his girlfriend. The young man admitted, making repairs in their apartment for a future family.

“It’s been two and a half years I live separately from mum and gradually weave your own nest. I’m on the Arbat is a apartment in which to invest. So nice when it is covered with flowers donated by the young audience of my performance of “puss in boots” – said Andrew.

Udalov admitted the publication “Express Gazeta”, he is not afraid of fame grandfather of Andrei Mironov, and Vice versa, ready to do anything for an acting career.

Внук Андрея Миронова оправдался за хулиганство

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