Grandson Alla Pugacheva has told about gifts for her

Внук Аллы Пугачевой поведал о подарках для нее Denis Baysarov showing the practicality in the choice of presentations for the Divas. The young man needs to please Alla Pugacheva a pleasant sign of attention. The family of the legendary singer gathered together to congratulate her on the occasion.

      Внук Аллы Пугачевой поведал о подарках для нее

      Today in the most celebrated family of Russian show business a pleasant event. Celebrates his birthday Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. Family, friends and colleagues Divas in the morning to congratulate the star personally. And who can’t, sends her best wishes via social media.

      One of the first, of course, people’s artist congratulated her grandchildren. Nikita, Denis and Claudia called legendary singer “beloved Allochka”. They always try to impress a star in her holiday. However, the choice of the average gift grandson Pugacheva Denis Baysarov fits very thoroughly. The young man prefers practicality, so in advance, asked the Diva about her preferences.

      “Last year my mother gave Alla beautiful tablecloth for a large table where often gather family and friends. Always try to give something useful, and usually, I ask, can something for the house you need,” says Denis.

      It is worth noting that 17-year-old young man likes to listen to the songs of Alla Borisovny. In recognition of Denis, his most favourite hits of the singer is “Time flows through my fingers” and “Invitation to the sunset”. In addition, Baisarov loves to spend time at Alla Borisovny. He eats both cheeks delicious dishes that she prepares with his own hands. Number one on the menu Denis is a baked chicken from the Divas. It is possible that this is a dish the young man will be able to enjoy the festive table in honor of the birthday of the actress.

      It is interesting that in his childhood the young man had to prove he was born in the star family, and his grandmother – a popular favorite. Friends Denis in kindergarten didn’t believe him and thought, boy if it’s all lies. “When I was growing up, I always knew that Anna and mother of the famous, but there was one moment in kindergarten… one day, we sat and talked about the professions of our parents. When I told my mom, and one boy laughed and said: still say that your grandmother Alla Pugacheva! Didn’t believe me until they came,” recalls Baisarov in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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