Grandma rugs are back in trend: Marques' Almeida has unveiled the TOP 10 original looks Designers revive the craft .

Grandma rugs are back in trend: Marques' Almeida brand has presented TOP 10 original /><noscript><img class=

Founders Marques Marques and Paolo Almeida set out to empower creative communities and preserve knowledge ancestors. The couple described their mission in the fashion world as follows: “To ensure that craft techniques do not disappear with time, but are glorified and revived in order to prolong their presence in our modern life.”

Laudable aspirations were confirmed an interesting show filmed in the picturesque area of ​​Viana do Castelo in the Minho region of northern Portugal. The models walked along the shallow seabed, as if between the sea and the sky.
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