Бабушка рассказала об идеальной семье Водяновой

Grandma model Natalia Vodianova reveals a secret about the relationship of a granddaughter with her husband, Antoine Arnault.

We look at Natalia and wonder: how could the mother of five children, swamped with work and charity, so look gorgeous (three weeks after the birth of the youngest child, she returned to the podium!) and constantly be in good spirits? The secret is simple: a celebrity draws a good mood from the relationship with her husband.

“In their house, very good atmosphere, set the tone of the relationship of Natasha and Antoine told the “StarHit” Granny models Larisa Gavrilovna. — Her boyfriend is a real gentleman, a very fine and delicate. Every time I went out to dinner in the dining room, he definitely pushed away my chair. And he is gentle with my granddaughter! Children see that love and absorb a model of behaviour. By the way, Lucas, Neva and Victor, children of Justin Portman, at Antoine’s relationship is very good. With a family father children see each other every holiday. And now, when school ends, they’re going to visit him in Uruguay. Justin ranch on the ocean, kids love to spend time there”.

Natalia Vodianova became a mother for the fifth time on June 4 this year. And in the spring, even before the birth of the baby, grandma Larisa Gavrilovna two months she was visiting in Paris. She talked about how living abroad her great-grandchildren. After moving from England senior studying in the school where I teach French. All three of them speak it fluently, but still speak English. But Natasha with children speaking Russian.

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Also, according to grandmother, Natalia brings up children in severity.

“Once Lucas was late for dinner, and they have the meal does not begin until everyone at the table is not going, – says Larisa Gavrilovna. — Lucas had to wait. And Natasha it is off. Of course he was upset, but the mother did not contradict. I then gently tell her, maybe I should make a remark to him eye to eye? But Natasha had specifically expressed his claim in the presence of younger children, so they learned seven one not waiting. Especially dinner is the only time during the day when the whole family is going. Here and intimate conversation, and exchange of information, that one day happened.”

During dinner, Larissa Grigorievna liked how deftly grandchildren cope with Cutlery and communicate with each other.

“Natasha’s children friendly, especially Neva and Viktor, because they age difference only a year and a half, – said the grandmother Vodianova. — Lucas tall one is, mom already outgrown, but at heart he’s still childishly vulnerable child. Loves computer games. Vic is very active. Well, all in Mr Rashnikov, my husband and his great-grandfather, after whom is named! And Neva… I just eyes can not withdraw, so beautiful and sophisticated girl. Talent sea: she loves music and ballet school is engaged, and both draws! Natasha, by the way, is a lot of attention to the education of children – both school and additional. Most in her childhood that was unavailable.”

In addition, Larisa Grigoryevna told that she would not spoil their children with money. For example, when a mother models Larisa Viktorovna gave Lucas 100 euros, Natalia showed discontent: to what child such a large amount. But silver spoon with the engraving, which Larisa brought to Paris for the christening of Maxim, pleased the whole family.

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