Grandmother of Maxim Cherniavsky pounced on Anna Sedokova charges

Бабушка Максима Чернявского набросилась на Анну Седокову с обвинениями Marina Chernyavskaya has denied rumours that her grandson wants to permanently take a child. The woman said that no one is going to deprive the girl mom. Anna Sedokova admitted to ether one of the programs that she has strained relationships with family and ex-husband Maxim Chernyavskiy.

      Still not extinguished the controversy around controversial statements popular singer Anna Sedokova that her former husband would always take her youngest daughter Monica. The girl appeared in a short marriage of the artist with the businessman Maxim Cherniavsky. Now the man primarily lives in the US, so with her daughter, Anna often abroad, so the girls were able to see his father. In ether one of the programs Sedokova said that she has a rather strained relationship with her former husband and his relatives. Moreover, the grandmother of Maxim Cherniavsky Marina Petrovna had even scheduled a meeting to elect a new singer to try to tarnish her name..

      However, Marina Chernyavskaya has categorically denied rumors that seeks to deprive Monica of her mother. Grandma businessman persuaded Sedokova and her boyfriend not to disrupt the girl from studying in the preparatory group. She believes that constant travel is not the best way affect on the five-year child.

      “Anya suggested that Monica lived three months in America and three months in Russia. Is this normal? Four times a year, the child needs to spend 12 hours in the plane… a Change of climate, change of time… Why? The girl is a student, lives with his father. Yes, she asked about mom, she misses you. But — please take Monica for the holidays, come as you want, chat, love your child. Who stirs?” – the woman was indignant.

      Marina Petrovna wanted to meet Anna and her beloved Tom, to clarify any misunderstandings that arise. The grandmother of the businessman is afraid that between Maxim and Anna could ignite a scandal in the fight for her daughter, so she is trying to avoid conflict. Now the former spouses do not repair any obstacles to each other in contact with the child. A girl travels with Anna in the company of her new lover. According to Marina Petrovna, Monica complained that her mother paid more attention to the eldest daughter, and also didn’t stand up for her when the son of her new lover Sedokova hurt.

      Grandma businessman believes that this Anna’s behaviour is unacceptable, even if she wants to get married and establish a relationship with a child beloved. “Anya lives for social networks, for image, for photos, she lives for publicity, but not for children. Children are a PR. She forgot what love is, but remember what money is. If Sedokova and change, in your 70s. And then — hardly” – shared his assumptions Marina Chernyavskaya in an interview with