Бабушка Натальи Водяновой о семейной жизни внучки: «Антуан очень нежен с ней!» A month ago, the model became a mother for the fifth time. Three weeks after childbirth Natalia Vodianova came to the podium. “StarHit” learned from family models as she manages to do everything.

      Бабушка Натальи Водяновой о семейной жизни внучки: «Антуан очень нежен с ней!»

      Unlike many celebrity children Natalia does not hide, moreover, whenever possible, tries to take them even on a business trip. And those never give a stellar mother reason to blush. They are as active as their peers, but always know when to stop: a strict “no” is perceived the first time. How Natasha did it, “StarHit” learned from Larisa Gavrilovna, grandmother models.

      Lost in translation

      At the end of may, even before the birth of a fifth grandson, she returned from Paris, where for two months I was staying at Natasha’s.

      “In their house is very good atmosphere – the tone is set by the relationship of Natasha and Antoine, – says Larisa Gavrilovna. – Her boyfriend is a real gentleman, a very fine and delicate. Every time I went out to dinner in the dining room, he definitely pushed away my chair. And he is gentle with my granddaughter! Children see that love and absorb a model of behaviour. By the way, Lucas, Neva and Victor, children of Justin Portman, at Antoine’s relationship is very good. With a family father children see each other every holiday. And now, when school ends, they’re going to visit him in Uruguay. Justin ranch on the ocean, kids love to spend time there”.
      Бабушка Натальи Водяновой о семейной жизни внучки: «Антуан очень нежен с ней!»

      In Paris after moving from England the senior has mastered – it’s been three years, studying in an inclusive school, where I teach French. According to the grandmother, in the language of molière and Dumas, all three speak fluently, but still speak English. But Natasha with children in Russian. In the native language of the mother best of all says Neva, clean, almost without an accent, and the eldest, Lucas, is not very good.

      The ex-spouse Vodianova told about the reasons of rupture with the model


      Order in the family Vodianova strict. “Once Lucas was late for dinner, and they have the meal does not begin until everyone at the table is not going,” continued the grandmother of the model. – Lucas had to wait. And Natasha it is off. Of course he was upset, but the mother did not contradict. I then gently tell her, maybe I should make a remark to him eye to eye? But Natasha had specifically expressed his claim in the presence of younger children to grasp – seven one does not expect. Especially dinner is the only time during the day when the whole family is going. Here and intimate conversation, and exchange of information – one that the day happened.

      But I still loved to watch how the children cope with Cutlery. Of course, in addition to a two-year Maxim: he is still too young to wield a knife and fork. Maxim, by the way, the only one of the grandchildren who are openly jealous of my Natasha. We should be close and talk, he’s there and tries to upstage mom. So it’s funny to watch!

      Бабушка Натальи Водяновой о семейной жизни внучки: «Антуан очень нежен с ней!»

      Between Natasha’s children friendly, especially Neva and Viktor, because they age difference only a year and a half. Lucas tall one is, mom already outgrown, but at heart he’s still childishly vulnerable child. Loves computer games. Vic – very mobile. Well, all in Mr Rashnikov, my husband and his great-grandfather, after whom is named!

      And Neva… I just eyes can not withdraw, so beautiful and sophisticated girl. Talent sea: she loves music and ballet school is engaged, and both draws! Natasha, by the way, is a lot of attention to the education of children – both school and additional. Most in her childhood that was unavailable.”


      Unlike many wealthy parents Natasha showering children with gifts, not seeking to fulfill every request and they control the amount of pocket money. When mom is supermodel Larisa Viktorovna gave Lucas a hundred euros, Natasha expressed dissatisfaction. Supposedly useless child such a large amount. But silver spoon with the engraving, which Larisa brought to Paris for the christening of Maxim, pleased the whole family.

      Бабушка Натальи Водяновой о семейной жизни внучки: «Антуан очень нежен с ней!»“Natasha family like the sun, everything revolves around her,” says grandma. – It is changing with the advent of each child, it becomes softer, more feminine. And today she has the opportunity to pay more attention to family than at the dawn of a modeling career”.

      Becoming 4 June for the fifth time mom – Vodianova gave birth to son Roman, Natalia first called to visit the mother. Larisa went on a weekend in Paris, having bought gifts.

      Mom Natalia Vodianova told about the first great successes of the sick daughter

      “I asked Natasha what to bring kids in the gift – says Larisa Viktorovna. – “And why only them and not me?” – playfully she retorted. And ordered… sweet. And specific names. According to the order bought marshmallows in chocolate, cranberries in sugar. This we are familiar, and in Paris, apparently, the exotic. Sweets asked my daughter for the first time: it usually took her rye bread and herring.”

      Бабушка Натальи Водяновой о семейной жизни внучки: «Антуан очень нежен с ней!»
      Бабушка Натальи Водяновой о семейной жизни внучки: «Антуан очень нежен с ней!»

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