Grandma Danila Kozlovsky told the truth about his novels

Бабушка Данилы Козловского рассказала правду о его романах A relative of the actor has revealed secrets about a loving relationship with a grandchild. According to the inhabitant of St.-Petersburg, Aviette Ivanovna, she wants Kozlowski was happy. Grandmother of Daniel are not closely familiar with the current darling of the movie stars, but about other women Kozlovsky always knew everything.

      Бабушка Данилы Козловского рассказала правду о его романах

      Within one and a half years Danila Kozlovsky in a relationship with 32-year-old Olga Zueva. At the moment, the actor moved to Moscow, where he rents a flat together with the beloved. The whole family stars “ДухLеss” lives in St. Petersburg. Despite the fact that Kozlowski rarely goes to the Northern capital, his grandmother, Aviette Ivanovna knows about her grandson almost everything.

      Danila Kozlovsky took off for his beloved posh housing

      The woman, who worked previously as a physics teacher, always very worried about the actor. A relative wanted the 31-year-old Daniel finally married again and happy. According to her, the first wife, the Polish girl Ursulas Magdalena Malka Kozlowski broke up due to the fact that the actor intervened, his mother Hope. The artist was very upset by the breakup.

      “It hurts the soul of Dan’ku. So wish he was happy, soon found love and got kids. Career – a good thing, but also about family do not need to forget. I think it is time for him to marry. But, apparently, not met the girl,” said Aviela Ivanovna.

      With the current girl Olga grandmother saw only a few times, as the lovers are constantly on the move. “It looks very nice to me, but as such fun and a deep conversation have not happened”, – shared his opinion about the relative of the actor.

      Many fans of the star wondering why he was in no hurry to part with the status of bachelor and register the marriage with the chosen one. Aviette Ivanovna believes that mom Kozlowski would interfere with the son in the family, as she was too attached to him and does not want anyone to share your gifted child.

      According to grandmother of Daniel, he needs a soft, gentle and patient girl. “He really did not have heat, reliable and correct shoulder. There were times when He almost cried: “Grandma, why don’t you call me? I want to talk to family and not with anyone else. My heart did not explode – so sorry for him,” recalled a relative. Aviette Ivanovna admitted to reporters, “Express-Gazeta” that would be very happy if there was a “girl,” which is fully realized actor.

      According to friends Kozlovsky, Danila and Olga are perfect for each other. However, psychic Mohsen Noruzi believes that their Union is quite strange: “He is talented, considerate, thoughtful, she is powerful and explosive, like a volcano, unpredictable, strong-willed and independent. But the situation is saved by the fact that their relationship is tied to friendship. In addition, only near Olga doubter and biting himself Daniel finds peace, serenity and gaining a sense of lightness. Young people together fun and exciting – their tastes in movies and music alike, they laugh the same… But I don’t see Olga and Daniel were married.”