Grandma Cherniavsky responded to the accusations Sedokova

Бабушка Чернявского ответила на обвинения Седоковой

Marina Cherniavsky sure that the former daughter-in-law have long forgotten what love is, but remember what money is for which Anna allegedly ready for anything, even to use the daughters for PR.

In one of the previous episodes of “the Secret in a million” singer Anna Sedokova made a sensational statement. It turns out that the artist is afraid of losing his youngest daughter Monica forever! According to Anna, the grandmother of ex-husband Maxim Chernyavskiy intend to take granddaughter to herself, depriving her of parental rights.

“Sort of like make up, how Anna describes its relationship with businesswoman Marina Petrovna Chernyavsky and ex-husband Maxim, but then he or grandma do some quite strange things. Now we have really complicated relationship. Grandma came to Moscow – to my young man, with whom I now meet, set up a meeting with him and talked about the fact that I am a bastard, just like I ruined her son’s life”.

Presenter Lera Kudryavtseva tried to figure out why grandmother wants to take Monica to her, but Anna did not want to continue to develop this theme. But Marina Petrovna, who was watching, did not remain silent and answered Sedokova statements. Of course, the 71-year-old female a completely different Outlook on the situation.

“Yes, I have watched the program. All of this is a pure lie! —said Marina Petrovna. I can’t deprive the child of the mother. It will be a great trauma for girls. I just wanted to ask Anya and her young man Artem, that they are not ripping Monica from school. There was a speech about it. The girl 5,5 years old, but she already goes to American preparatory school. Anya suggested that Monica lived three months in America and three months in Russia. Is this normal?

Four times a year, the child needs to spend 12 hours in the plane… a Change of climate, change of time… Why? The girl is a student, lives with his father. Yes, she asked about mom, she misses you. But please, get Monica on vacation, how come you want to love your child. Who stirs? There is no problem. Moreover, I would’ve wanted Anya came to Los Angeles more often, but not wound on, and paid attention to the child. But all the time tearing and Monica to take back to Russia – just sacrilegious.”

Obviously Anna was right, calling the relationship with family, to put it mildly, uneasy. The grandmother of her ex-husband is not the best opinion about her. The woman was convinced that the singer lives for social networks, image, photos, advertising, but not for children.

“Children are PR. She forgot what love is, but remember what money is. If Sedokova and change, in your 70s. And that is unlikely,” – said Marina Chernyavskaya