Grandma Anna Sedokova robbed scammers

Бабушку Анны Седоковой обокрали мошенники
92-year-old ladies was taken away the precious earrings.

Photo: Instagram

The family of Anna Sedokova was not the most pleasant event. The grandmother of the famous singer, who lives in Tomsk, was robbed in his own apartment. For this reason Anna is very worried. She wrote a post of indignation in his personal blog.

“I still find that hard to understand when people do that, she says. — My Granny is 92. She is a veteran of the war. The most kind, intelligent and educated man, honored radiologist of the country. Despite the age, she continues to help veterans. Grandma Leah I have is already very Mature, and it difficult to fly to another city. Her assistant, aunt Galya, literally by the hour left her the house . Comes — and in the refrigerator there are two three-liter jars of honey. How they got there, grandma doesn’t know how to pay for them too. The money she had. We all thought that someone should come for money, because honey is the same, but yesterday, when the Gale bathed Grandma, she saw that she had no earrings. She was small with a tiny brilliantikom in English the clasp that would not be able to undo it herself… I’m sure something will come up. Understand that life is difficult now at all, but not like this. I hate the helplessness. I hate that I can’t change that, and I kept thinking that had this woman taking off with Granny earrings and putting honey on the shelf.”

Fans sympathized with the singer and began to reassure that everything bad always comes back, and the boomerang rule has not been canceled. Someone suggested that perhaps this story will help my grandmother to understand that we must live closer to his beloved granddaughter, which I will be able to take care of my own, if that will move to Moscow.