Дед-миллиардер блогера Григория Мамурина умер от инфаркта Two days before the death of Khabarovsk plague was responsible for the accident, which killed a small child. A few years ago the name of Igor Neklyudova has sounded in major scandal — then his 16-year-old grandson were forced passers-by to commit immoral acts for money.
Дед-миллиардер блогера Григория Мамурина умер от инфаркта

Billionaire Igor Neklyudov known not only for its fabulous condition, but the scandals that surround his family. Shortly before the death of 71-year-old tycoon downed year-old child. The businessman is not afraid of responsibility and personally delivered the baby to the hospital, where he died from severe head injuries. The next day did not and the and the Neklyudova — July 19, it struck a heart attack. The arrived physicians have not managed to help the man, he died on the way to the hospital.

Name Neklyudova a few years ago was tied to another controversial incident. The then 16-year-old grandson Khabarovsk businessman Grigory Mamurin became famous throughout the country for its social experiments. The young man published videos titled “Money does not smell”, the meaning of which was to prove for a certain amount of people will do anything.

In addition, the young major did not hesitate to show his financial condition, then fed the homeless black caviar, poured models elite French champagne Cristal, of the order of 145 thousand rubles per bottle.

Igor Neklyudov then admitted that he was ashamed of the heir and demanded the boy’s mother to bring him back from Moscow to Khabarovsk, so he studied at home under the strict control of his grandfather.

Дед-миллиардер блогера Григория Мамурина умер от инфаркта

Family Neklyudova has not yet commented on the sudden death of a businessman. In Khabarovsk, the billionaire owned a chain of fitness clubs, several office buildings, business centers and even a movie channel. The truth about the sources of his fabulous income often went impartial hearings. It was said that the oligarch made a fortune in the 90s thanks to the relations with criminal groups.

“REN-TV” reported that parting with Igor Neklyudov will be held July 23 at the Holy Transfiguration Cathedral. It is unknown who will get the status of an entrepreneur, which is more than 150 billion rubles.